Leopold’s Kafe

Carmen here! I came here with my really good friend J.S. after watching Eat, Pray, Love. Eat, Pray, Love is a movie starring Julia Roberts where she travels all throughout Italy living life to the fullest through food, friends, men, new places, and fun. After watching this movie we decided we needed to carpe diem and take advantage of our young college lives. It was 10PM at night, and we wandered Georgetown looking for an open Italian restaurant that would serve us some pasta. We were desperately craving some pasta after watching Julia Roberts devour plates and plates of carby goodness on the screen. J.S. reocmmended Leopold’s Kafe, and that’s where we ended up that night.

Leopold’s Kafe

3318 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Leopold’s Kafe is a German cafe that serves food, coffee, and dessert. Personally I would only go there for the dessert, because the actual food is overpriced and just average. The dessert… oh man! some of the best desserts you will ever taste. They sit ever so tempting behind the glass display as if they are just asking to be eaten. Well I won’t say no to dessert. I won’t say no to Karamell-Grey or Sacher Torte.

Karamell-Grey cake and Macaroons

Karamell-Grey – Belgian dark chocolate cake layered with Earl Grey Tea caramel chocolate ganache.

Sacher Torte – Dark chocolate cake layered with apricot preserves and chocolate glaze.

I like my dark chocolate. I like them less on the sweet side, and more on the richer, chocolaty, bitter side. Yes, that’s the way I like my chocolate cake. Give me some Leopold’s Kafe desserts, and I’ll be your best friend forever. I only say this, because the desserts there are just delicious. The cakes are just the right size. Not too overwhelmingly large like the portions at Serendipity, and not too tiny that after just a couple of bites it just vanishes. The portions really make you appreciate and taste each and every bite to its fullest. The rich flavors melting in your mouth like a warm bubble bath after a long tiring day.

Not only is this a go to place for desserts, but a place that takes you to an entire world outside of Georgetown, outside of U.S. of A., and into a world where lounging and long conversations over tea candles is the norm. A place that just oozes comfort and warmth.

From the street level you might just pass by Leopold’s Kafe without even knowing. That’s because Leopold’s Kafe is not on the street level. You have to take a flight of stairs to get to the entrance of this cafe. Go down these dark, mysterious stairs and you see a fountain surrounded by well lit outdoor seating. Walk inside the cafe and enter into the world of German kafe magic.

Stars 5/5


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