Vanessa’s Dumpling House

Carmen here! <– Seems like this is quite the trend. Conny you should write a post, because right now I am hogging our joint food blog. Well nevertheless this past weekend I made a trip to NYC where the food is better, the city never sleeps, the people are diverse. A world of life. A world of commotion. My kind of world.

Vanessa’s Dumpling House

118 Eldridge St
New York, NY 10002

My cousin and I went grocery shopping in Chinatown and decided to go try out Vanessa’s Dumpling House as recommended by David. My cousin asked me how do people even find this place. It is definitely out of the way in terms of the main roads in New York Chinatown. Perhaps it is word of mouth about the food and the prices.  But apparently this place served 4 dumplings for just $1. Dollar menu anyone? A dollar menu that trumps anything that McD can serve.

While we were trying to find Vanessa’s Dumpling House my cousin and I were imagining a total crappy hole in the wall type of place. We finally found the place, and it is nothing like we imagined. Not fancy, but it was sanitary and actually kind of nice in a cafe like way. You order the food at the counter, then pick it up and self seat yourself. Okay now on to the actual food

4 dumplings, 3 fried buns, sesame pancake

We got 4 dunplings ($1), 3 fried buns ($1), and a seasame pancake ($0.75) to share, and we were both satisfied. Where can you get a meal to share for $2.75? Only in NYC will that happen.

Joyce and our $2.75 meal

The dumplings were juicy and slighty fried to perfection. The fried buns were nice and soft on the outside bread part, and meaty on the inside. The sesame pancake surprised me. I was imagining something more flat and chewy. I’ve had scallion pancakes before, and I thought that was what it was. Instead it was more like airy bread. Next time I’m back in NYC I want to try to the Sesame Pancake Sandwich. Apparently they serve sandwiches with the Sesame Pancake, and a sandwich with Peking Duck is just delicious. Well an excuse to return back to NYC soon! They have two sauces at each table for dipping. The first is what I think is a soy sauce vinegar mix. The second is an altered siracha sauce. Both were delicious and went with the dumplings, buns, and pancake really well.

Making fresh dumplings

Maybe it’s just me, but food just tastes better if you get good deal out of it. Not saying that the food was bad. The was actually good. And for the price it was REALLY good.

Stars – 5/5


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