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The Gibson

Long hiatus away from blogging, and it feels good to write these food blogs again. The college life of a senior consisting of school work, nursing clinical, and job applications have slowly taken over my life. But a little over a month till graduation!

One of my favorite hobbies is visiting speak easy styled bars which is quite a nice hobby to have! David and I visited The Gibson located on U street in Washington, DC. This is the third speak easy styled bar we have been to which I guess makes us speak easy bar experts!

The Gibson

2009 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20003
Neighborhood: U Street Corridor

marks the door to The Gibson

The entrance The Gibson is completely hidden. We walked right pass the door only to doubleback when we realized we passed the address. We walk up to this door marked as 2009 which is the correct address to The Gibson. Good thing I checked out The Gibson on Yelp before we went. I only knew that the door was the entrance to The Gibson, because of the doorbell pictured above which I saw on Yelp.

I opened the door, and we were magically transported into an entirely different world compared to the U Street Corridor. U Street Corridor is known for its rich  history as the cultural center for the African American community. While U street was bustling with young people ready for a night out, inside the doors of The Gibson was a dimly lit environment of slow paced classy chilling.

inside of The Gibson

The Gibson had the mandatory qualities of a speak easy styled bar: dim lights, candles, delicious drinks, and a prohibition era feel. I thought that the decor of the room was a bit lacking. Additional whimsical decor would have given The Gibson a more speak easy styled feel.

Tequila cocktail

I got a tequila based drink. It was delicious, and such a pretty color too.

I don’t remember what David got, but it was delicious. Note the tilt of the drink in the glass possibly caused by a tilt of the table or the entire floor. Is this an intentional speak easy styled lopsidedness? Kidding…

Overall The Gibson was really great. I loved the relaxing atmosphere of the place, but compared to Angel’s Share and Raines Law Room this place was not as great.

Stars: 4.5/5