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This Japanese restaurant is located right across the street from my apartment. Finally got a chance to check this place out.


1401 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209

Take a look at their Lunch Menu

indoor dining area

We came in around 1:00PM, and the lunch crowd was slowly leaving. We were immediately seated. I was surprised by how quick the service was. I flipped through the menu and saw that they had a lunch menu.  Since I was going to get sushi a couple days later with my cousin who was in town I decided to try something besides sushi. The lunch offered a lot of non sushi choices. I decided on the Nikkudon.

complimentary salad and miso soup

The complimentary salad and miso soup was surprisingly good. I really enjoyed the salad. The dressing on the salad was excellent. I’m not exactly sure what is in the dressing, but the flavors were excellent.  A mix of sour, tangy, slightly sweet. The miso soup was your average miso soup. Nothing special about it.


Nikkudon – Sauted thin slice of beef with vegetable and egg

I was not expecting this dish to come out like this at all. I was expecting sauteed slices of beef over dry cooked rice. Surprisingly there was broth on the bottom of this dish. The rice were perfectly soaked in this fragrant broth. The mixture of the beef, cabbage, rice, and the broth was delicious. My favorite part was the broth. It really brought a nice touch to the dish. My only complaint is that the sauteed beef was not as flavorful as I would have liked it. It kind of lacked flavor which was made up with by the broth.

Lunch Box A

Kanpai Lunch Box A – 5 Pieces of Sashimi, Tempura, Japanese Pickle

My friend went with the Kanpai Lunch Box A. It was presented very beautifully in the bento box. He said that the sashimi tasted fresh. Everything looked quite colorful!

Overall the food in Kanpai was above average. If the place wasn’t located so close to where I live I don’t think I would go back. My only complaint was that the waitresses kept rushing me through my meal. When I go to a restaurant I like to really think about what I want to get especially if it is a new restaurant. The waitress came over to our table and asked us 3 times whether we were ready to order. Then later she brought the check over before I was even done eating! Perhaps they close after the lunch time crowd to get ready for the dinner crowd? I have never been so rushed through a meal before.

Other than that Kanpai is a cute, casual Japanese restaurant. They even have a really nice outdoor seating area. I will have to go back when the weather is warmer, and the outdoor seating area is open. Perhaps the next time they will let me dine at my own pace.

Stars – 3.5/5


Moby Dick House of Kabob

I’ve always been a fan of this casual eatery located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. My first time here 3 years ago there were only about four tables for dining in. Now Moby Dick has expanded with an entirely new area for dining in making it easier to score a table. Hooray for Persian food.

Moby Dick House of Kabob 

1070 31st St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Take a look at their Menu.

Joyce is visiting this DC weekend. If you have read my previous post you might have seen Joyce in them. I decided to take her here for her to try out the delicious Persian food.

Since there was four of us eating we decided to get the Family Platter #1.

Platter #1 – 3 skewers ground beef, 1 skewer chicken breast, 1 skewer lamb, and choice of 2 appetizers

Pita and yogurt sauce

I really enjoyed the yogurt sauce. The yogurt sauce went with about everything. The meats, the rice, the pita. It was just the right amount of tanginess and smoothness. The pita on the other hand was a little too hard for my taste. I would have liked the pita to be a bit softer instead of more cracker-like.

stuffed grape leaves

This was one of my favorite part of this meal. I’ve had grape leaves before, and it was definitely not as delicious as these. The filling on the inside was flavorful, and the leaves were well seasoned and not rough at all. I really liked this. Perhaps next time I will order just a side appetizer of the stuffed grape leaves.

Kashk-o Bademjan - Eggplant appetizer

As unappetizing as this dish may look it was good. It is a mixture of sautéed eggplant, grilled onion, garlic and boiled yogurt. My only complaint was that the eggplants were not very finely chopped, so it was a bit hard to scoop just a small amount onto a piece of pita.

Family Platter #1

Oh YUM! The family platter was delicious! The meats were all flavorful including the ground beef, chicken, and lamb. I am a huge fan of their rice. I don’t know what kind of rice they use, but it was so good. I could taste each and every single grain of rice. My favorite of the meats was the  chicken. Usually chicken doesn’t hold much flavor unless you marinate it and cook it well. This chicken had such a unique taste and grilling it really locked in the flavors. Not dry at all!

Overall this place is really good for cheap, casual Middle Easter/Persian food. Especially when you bring a big group and get family styled platters to share!

Declan is such a beastly eater. Too full after eating everything!

Stars 4/5

Cafe Milano

Restaurant week lunch at Cafe Milano with my friend who just recently turned 21+1. Soo and I decided to go check out Cafe Milano for her birthday lunch.

Cafe Milano 

3251 Prospect St NW
Washington, DC 20007

outside of Cafe Milano

Cafe Milano is an Italian restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, DC. When we arrived the place was pretty packed. Perhaps because it was restaurant week. With restaurant week participating restaurants offer 3 course lunches and dinners for discounted prices. For lunch it is $20.12 and dinner is $35.12. I really like going to participating restaurants for lunch, because it is much more affordable for a college student budget. Plus sometime dinner portions just over stuff me, and I leave feeling bloated and food coma-ed.

Butternut squash soup puree

For first course I got Butternut Squash Soup Puree with Crumbled Amaretti and Mascarpone Cheese Crostini. This was my favorite part of the meal. I was afraid the soup would be too thin, but it was exactly the right texture. The crostini added a nice touch to the soup. It was crispy yet soggy from sitting in the soup. Perfect texture. I personally am a huge fan of soups, and this is one soup that was spot on.

Baby Arugula and Heart of Palm Salad

Soo got the Baby Arugula and Heart of Palm Salad with Fig Vincotto. She said that it tasted really fresh. It looked super fresh as well!

Parma Prosciutto and Ricotta Cheese Ravioli

For the second course I got the Homemade Parma Prosciutto and Ricotta Cheese Ravioli in a Lemon Sage Sauce. This dish came out too salty for my taste. I think it might have been a combination of the saltiness in the prosciutto and the cheese. The actual pasta part of the ravioli was really good though. Not too soft. Not too hard.

Egg and Spinach Fettucine Pasta in a Veal and Bolognese Sauce

Soo got the Homemade Egg and Spinach Fettucine Pasta in a Veal and San Marzano Bolognese Sauce. I got to taste it, and it was bursting with flavors and colors. Love a dish that is appealing to the eyes.


Finally dessert time. I got the Italian Nutella and Espresso Ricotta Cheesecake Garnished with Whipped Cream. I personally am not a huge fan of cheesecake, but there were only two choices for dessert neither which I am huge fans of: tiramisu and cheesecake. This cheesecake sounded interesting, and it was good. The ricotta cheese was so creamy without being too heavy. I really liked the cookie,cracker like bottom.


Soo got the tiramisu. Classic tiramisu composed of mascarpone cheese with marsala and ladyfingers soaked in espresso. The tiramisu tasted good. By the end of the meal we could barely finish our dessert. Fully stuffed and satisfied.

look at the spoon!

Cafe Milano has funny spoons. It is like a spork but without the prongs at the end.

Overall this place was pretty good. I really like the atmosphere of the inside. A chic, sleek Italian restaurant. My only complaint is their complimentary bread. The bread was very hard. I could barely bite into the sides. Hard not in a stale way, but in a purposeful way I suppose. Other than that Cafe Milano was great!

Stars – 4/5


It’s Restaurant Week in Washington, DC, and my friend Holly and I decided to check this French restaurant out. A play on words if you casually change the middle letter with waitresses in corsets, red velvet everywhere, dimly lit room,  a stage with interpretative burlesque dancing. This place a modern version of Moulin Rouge in the middle of downtown DC.

Sorry about the slightly blurry pictures. I didn’t want to use my flash in SAX. That would totally ruin the SAX appeal of the place.

It’s not hard to figure out the SAX appeal” – Washington Post


734 11th St NW
Washington, DC 20004

the inside of SAX

It was like dining at the Moulin Rouge. The velvet ropes, gold doors, hidden dining area since SAX is unmarked from the outside. There was even a red carpet and red ropes surrounding the entrances. Talk about making a dramatic entrance. Holly and I agreed that this place reminded us a lot of a lavish lounge where Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl would hang around. A restaurant that teases you in a wonderland of mysterious fantasies in what seems like an underground world that tickles your every senses.

The part that amazed me the most was the burlesque dance shows that came on every 20 minutes or so. The dancing was a lot more classier and tasteful than I expected which I appreciated. Dancers in intricate costumes  coming onto the glass walled stage with masks on their faces, sheer sheets of fabric that elegantly flowed through the stage as the dancers moved about. The dances were mesmerizing, and we both paused our conversation and the eating to watch the shows. Holly noted that it would have been bad if they had shows on throughout our dinner without pauses in between, because then we would just be watching the shows all throughout our dinner. No eating, no talking, just shows.

Now onto the food. It was restaurant week in DC which makes dinners at pricey places like SAX affordable to poor college students like us. During restaurant week restaurants offer 3 course meals for $35. A normal 4 course meal at SAX is $65. $35 compared to $65 is a lot more doable. The meals usually come with an appetizer, entree, and dessert. You get to pick from about 3-5 different choices on a prix fixed menu.

American Wagyu Beef Sliders

American Wagyu Beef Sliders – Fenugreek gouda, ba ba bleu, cheddar, green tomatoes, relish

Both of us started out with the American Wagyu Beef Sliders. The sliders were really good. Out of the 3 courses that I had for my dinner this was my favorite. The bun was perfectly toasted so that it was crispy. The actual beef patty was grilled to perfection. Cooked till medium rare. The beef was tender with a rich combination of all the cheeses. There is just something about eating tiny foods that makes it tastes better. The sliders were tiny, but perfectly sized.

We got different entrees. I got the Scottish Salmon, and Holly got the Braised Short Ribs.

Scottish Salmon

Scottish Salmon – sweet potato, cauliflower, raisins, sage, hazelnut brown butter.

The Salmon was good. Sometimes when you eat cooked salmon it is overcooked and the salmon itself is dry and just not good. This salmon was perfectly cooked. I cut into it with a knife and the salmon easily broke off. It came with cauliflower and sweet potato. I really liked the sweet potato squares. The sweetness of the sweet potato went really well with the salmon. I really enjoyed the hazelnut brown butter. The butter was very evident in the vegetables and was very delicious.

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Braised Beef Short Ribs – pommes puree, cippolini onion, parsley pistou, marjoram, red wine sauce

Holly got the Braised Beef Short Ribs. I tried a little bit of her short ribs. It was extremely tender and moist. Cooked to perfection. She really liked the sauce that came with the short ribs.

For dessert we really wanted to get different desserts so we could try each others, but we ended up both getting the chocolate cake. It was too tempting. Saxual Chocolate Cake why do you tempt me so?

Saxual Chocolate Cake

Saxual Chocolate Cake – blackout cake, caramelized white chocolate, lemon cream, chocolate mousse

The chocolate cake was delicious! It was Holly’s favorite part of her meal. The chocolate was so rich. It became a little too much for me with the last couple of bites of the cake. I had to take a break from the chocolate cake, and just take a moment to rest my taste buds.

Overall the food was okay. Above average. It was still definitely worth it to check this place out especially for a restaurant week price. I think you come here not for the food, but for the atmosphere. After going to lounges and speak easy styled bars I am a huge fan of these mysterious, dreamy places. The thing I love about these places is the secretness about it. The dim lights. The moody ambiance. The idea that only you know about it. A mystery to the rest of the world.

greetings from the modern moulin rouge

Stars – 4/5

Food Comics

I recently been following this comic called Cereal with a Fork. Their most recent comic depicts the food pyramid from the perspective of a child, of a candy lover, of a junk foodie. Not something I advocate, but quite amusing.

When my roommate and I go grocery shopping this is what I have been secretly doing… not really, but this made me chuckle.

Back in DC. DC restaurant food blogs soon.

Happy Wednesday! 

The Future of Food

a mutant burger

Can this be the new burger being served at our one and only McD? Infused with blue, green, and pink colors for an even more authentic taste?

Fortunately this neon colored burger is a project by French artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman for the cover of Icon Magazines.

deconstruction of a mutant burger

Sorry for all you hungry, hungry hippos out there. This is one burger that cannot be eaten, no matter how beautiful it looks. More images can be found at Behance

the next Big Mac

Triple Crown – Dim Sum

My family and I went to Triple Crown to try out their dim sum. This restaurant recently opened offering dim sum, and word on the street is their dim sum is the best in Chinatown. Off we go to enjoy some Sunday dim sum.

Triple Crown 

2217 S Wentworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60616

outdoor entrance to Triple Crown

families enjoying dim sum

When we arrived the hostess told us there was a 20 minute wait. After taking a look at a nearby gift store we went back to the restaurant and was promptly seated. This is my first time inside Triple Crown, and the place is packed! So many families both Asian and non-Asian enjoying some dim sum on a Sunday afternoon. To accommodate all of the customers there were so many waiters, waitresses, and cart pushers. You may ask what is a cart pusher? For those who have never experienced authentic Chinese dim sum you are definitely missing out. It is a really fun experience! You should definitely give it a try.

dim sum cart pushers

dim sum cart pushers

Summary of how the Chinese dim sum experience goes. You are seated at a table and given a menu. You can order your dim sum off of a menu, but during the weekends in smaller dim sum houses or every day in larger dim sum houses you have people who push carts around displaying the dim sum plates for all to see and get. The dim sum carts stop by your table, and you tell the cart pusher which dish you want.

dim sum card to keep count of the dishes you eat. The strokes together make the "wu" character in Chinese or the number five. The Chinese way to tally.

They take the dish off the cart and place it on your table, and then mark on your dim sum card that you purchased one plate. They price the plates by the size of the dish. S, M, L, XL. The Triple Crown prices were reasonable. Small $2.75. Medium $3.40. Large $3.80. X-Large $4.75. It is really fun seeing all of the different plates of food go past your table. If you see something you like call over the cart pushers and enjoy your new dim sum dish!

These are the dim sums that my family tried. We got a total of 10 different dishes. Note the S, M, L, XL in the caption of each pictures corresponds with the size of the dim sum dish.

the delicious Chrysanthemum Tea

At most dim sum places there is complimentary tea. My sister loved the Chrysanthemum tea here. Usually the tea is premade elsewhere and poured into the individual teapots placed on each table. Here the tea is made fresh with what looks like really good tea leaves. The tea came out fragrant and sweet. My sister couldn’t get enough of it.

Beef Crepe (L)

The beef crepe here was phenomenal. The beef was soft and seasoned well. The rice crepe that is wrapped around the beef did not fall off. It was sticky enough so that the rice crepe and the beef stayed together. My sister said that the soy sauce could have been better. Overall one of the best beef crepes I ever had. This was one of my favorite of all the dim sum dishes we got today.

Steamed Bead Curd Skin with Pork (M)

I am not a really big fan of this dish, but the way the Triple Crown made it was really good. The ingredients inside the steamed bean curd skin was flavorful. The entire thing held really well together. A big problem with these types of dishes packed with ingredients is that it tends to fall apart if you attempt to take a bite.

Braised Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce (M)

I am not a fan of chicken feet. I just can’t stomach the idea of eating the skin off of chicken feet. My parents really liked it though. They said that it had really good flavor and was made really well.

Triple Crown Shrimp Dumpling (M)

I thought this was pretty good. The shrimp inside was nice and soft. The outside rice wrap was not too sticky. The dish was steamed perfectly!

Beef Tripe (S)

Tripe is made from the first three chambers of a cow’s stomach. One of those foods that your parents make you try without telling you what it is. Not a big fan of eating organs. For being an organ this is pretty tasty. Just not really my thing.

Fried Sticky Rice (L)

This is one of my favorite dishes to get when I go for dim sum, and I love how Triple Crown made it. It was so good! One of my favorite dishes today along with the beef crepe. The stick rice had the right amount of saltiness, sweetness, oiliness, and stickiness. My entire family agreed that this was exceptional.

Shrimp and Chive Dumpling (M)

Kind of looks like the Shrimp dumpling hmmm? It looks the same except that the inside is stuffed with both shrimp and chive. I thought that this was good. Nothing to rave about, but the outside rice wrap was perfect. Not too sticky.

Soy Sauce Chow Mein

Your average soy sauce chow mein. My family noted that it was less oily than most chow mein which we greatly appreciated.

Pickled Cucumbers (S)

The pickled cucumbers was a nice way to cleanse the palate before dessert. Usually eating dim sum leaves me feeling really stuffed. All that meat and carbs and fat.

Fried Water Chestnut Cake (S)

This was really good. Lightly frying it gave it a crunchy exterior. The water chest nut pieces inside gave it even more crunch. A delicious not too sweet dessert to end a dim sum meal.

The dim sum here was really good. One of the best I’ve ever had. In addition the service was attentive and quick. I counted once we finished a dish the waiter came and took the dish in 30 seconds. Our teapot was consistently filled when it was empty. The place was clean. Dim sum was consistently being rolled out on the dim sum carts.

Great dim sum. Exceptional service. Might be my new favorite dim sum place in Chinatown! Plus there’s 20% off on weekdays from 9AM-3PM for dim sum!

Stars – 5/5

I Love Chicago

I started this blog not so long ago. In the end of the Summer of 2011 out of boredom and a way for me to document all of my food adventures. A way for me would remember my encounters in different cities with different people. Laughing, living life, catching up over food. I grew up in Chicago, but never realized the magnificent beauty that Chicago really is till recently. Perhaps when I was younger I took it for granted that I lived in the best city in the entire world. Now that I am older and had the opportunity to see other American urban cities Chicago by far is the clear winner. A city filled with cultural neighborhoods, vast array of different cuisines without sacrificing the friendliness that other cities lack. I’m talking about NYC.

I took my friend around Millennium and Grant Park in Chicago, and it surprised me that I’ve never been to certain places in Chicago before. 21 years living in Chicago, and there were places I haven’t been to. It was shocking! My friend poked fun at me saying that she knew more about Chicago than I did. A tourist in my own city. There’s so many parts of Chicago I have yet to explore, and I want to walk and eat through every part of it. Sadly I will be returning to DC for school after three wonderful weeks of winter break in Chi-town. Away from the urban city I call my home.

BP Pedestrian Bridge

This beautiful bridge connects Millennium Park with the Daley Bicentennial Plaza. The shiny exteriors of the bridge soars above the streets allowing pedestrians to cross over to the other side of the park without encountering cars. This bridge was simply breathtaking. The entrance on the Millennium Park side is located on the right side of the Pritzker Pavillion.

Cancer Survivor Garden

The Cancer Survivor Garden was gorgeous. The strong black metal fences created contrasting shadows against the winter sunshine. I am not a cancer survivor, but I could imagine that this spot would be great for reflection of, appreciation for , evaluation of life. That life is too short to not appreciate the small wonders that life brings.

Bare trees were painted red and yellow

Chicago you will be missed. See you in May. 

Joshua Radin’s song Vegetable Car. Obligatory share for my food blog. “She drives a vegetable car, diesel, Mercedes, green, two door.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

My friend told me that this place had the best pizza in Chicago. Pizza being one of my favorite foods I had to check this place out. Located in Wicker Park a neighborhood known for its unique assortment of consignment stores and restaurants and an exciting night life. Best pizza in Chicago? I would agree. Probably one of the best I have ever had!

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

1927 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Menu –

Personally I am not a big fan of the classic Chicago style deep dish pizza despite being a Chicago native. Too much cheese. Too stuffed. Too rich for my taste. I prefer the thin crust New York style pizza much better. I remember having a conversation with a friend who is NYC native about which city’s pizza is better. Of course with all my Chicago pride I say that Chicago style pizza is better despite my actual preference. Shhh… she doesn’t have to know. Maybe that is why I really like Piece Brewery & Pizzeria. The pizzas are thin and crispy loaded with toppings. Classic New York style thin crust.

inside of Piece

I have been meaning to check this place out for a while, and what better time than now when I can take my friend around Wicker Park and stop in for some pizza. We get inside, and the place is as cool as the neighborhood itself. It is a big open room with arched wooded ceilings that create contrasting shadows in the sunlight. We came in around 2PM on Saturday, and the place is pretty packed. A lot of young people perhaps around their 20s, younger 30s, and a couple groups of families eating.

We arrived in time for their lunch special that ends at 5PM. $5.95 for a personal pizza with 1 topping. Choice of topping and choice of pizza style. You can choose what kind of pizza style you want. There is red, plain, and white.

Red – traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella pizza (BBQ sauce also available)

Plain – traditional New Haven pizza, a generous amount of red sauce topped with garlic, extra parmesan and olive oil (This pizza does not have mozzarella.)

White – plain crust brushed with olive oil, diced garlic and mozzarella cheese

Toppings include – spinach, jalapenos, black olives, anchovies, onions, green peppers, garlic, banana peppers, BBQ sauce, fresh tomatoes, roasted red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, Italian sausage, mashed potatoes, artichoke hearts, fresh basil, bacon, clams, pepperoni, meatballs, chicken, broccoli, ricotta cheese

For a personal pizza that is pretty large the lunch deal is totally worth it. Plus you get to pick whatever topping and style you want. I was surprised the lunch special applied to weekends as well. I know a lot of places have lunch specials, but that only applies for weekdays. After reading yelp reviews people raved about the White with Clams and Red with Mashed Potatoes. We decided to go with those two.

White with Clams

with my favorite pizza! the White with Clams

You know when the pizza is too hot to eat, but you eat it anyways and just suffer with minor burns on the roof of your mouth. Well that was me today. The white with clams was my favorite! The combination of white style pizza with no red sauce and clams was perfect! This pizza just worked. If you are going to try Piece make sure to get this combination. There was just the right amount of cheese to make this pizza cheesy. The saltiness and chewiness of the clams went really well with the crust that soaked in all of the juices from above resulting in a slightly soggy but still crunchy crust. My favorite!

Red with Mashed Potatoes

I know you must be thinking mashed potatoes as a topping? Really? Yes really. Red pizza with mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes was an interesting topping, but it also just worked. The mashed potatoes were slightly crunchy on the top perhaps from the pizza oven. It seemed to soak in some of that pizza grease and juices adding a really nice creamy, soft texture to the pizza.

Overall I really liked both of the pizzas, but if I had to pick one the white with clams would be the winner. My friend also agreed. The service was fast. The waiter was attentive. Most importantly the pizza here is really good. Very fresh, very thin, extra crunchy, extra cheesy, and just plain delicious.

Siri says Piece is #1

Look even Siri agrees with me.

Stars – 5/5

Little Branch Cafe

A wonderful day for cafe-ing since the weather was in the 50s. Note that it is currently January, and I am in Chicago. January weather in Chicago in the 50s… that is just unheard of. One day it is too cold with the temperature dipping down into the single digits, and I isolate myself at home calling it an indoor day. And then a couple days later I walk around Chicago and see people wearing shorts and thin jackets. Chicago, you are full of surprises! Knowing that I may not get many days like this I took full advantage of it and became a tourist in my own city for the day. I had some time to kill before meeting my friend Chen at Little Branch Cafe, so I walked around downtown Chicago.

taken from the Art Institute balcony - Chicago skyline

The Art Institute is having free weekday admission for Illinois residents till February 4. Went to the Art institute and walked around for a bit. Apparently this outdoor sculpture absorbs sunlight during the daytime. During the nighttime the bronze sphere in the middle glows with the same radiance and color as the moon. I was a little disappointed, not with the exhibit, but that they changed the outdoor exhibit. I was here last summer and the exhibit was marvelous. It looked like this…

in the world of Dr. Seuss

The floor and walls covered with a rainbow of colors creating what I would think the world of Dr. Seuss would look like. It was mystifying. Exhilarating to be in. I was sad to find out that that exhibit was no longer there.

Gardens in Millennium Park

I walked around Millennium Park and came to the conclusion that the plants and greenery look very sad in the winter time. No longer green. No longer flowering. A sort of peaceful solitude about the winter. A stark difference from my world of Dr. Seuss  picture for sure.

Now on my way to Little Branch Cafe located in Near Southside to meet my friend Chen for a late lunch.

Little Branch Cafe

1251 S Prairie Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

Menu here –!food

The cafe was nestled in a neighborhood of brand new modern looking townhouses. The inside of the cafe was extremely warm and cozy. Take a look!

inside of Little Branch Cafe

taken from Yelp

The glass walls were really great. The simplistic decor was refreshing. I ordered the daily Turkey and Tomato Strada. What is strada you ask? Very good question. I didn’t know what it was either. The lady behind the counter told me it’s like a bread with the ingredients baked inside.

Strada with Spinach Salad

Close up of the Strada

Well the strada definitely tasted a lot more moist than I expected. I looked it up online, and it is bread cubes baked with eggs, cheese and other ingredients such as tomatoes, turkey, and bacon. Basically a quiche made with bread. First time having a strada, and it was good. The bread part was moist. The top part with the cheese went really well with the bottom bread part. The salad was also really good too. The ingredients all tasted really fresh.

When I went here I noticed some people had laptops and work with them. Might be my new go to work spot in Chicago. The very minimal and sleek atmosphere and good food is definitely a plus. The only complaint is that the food is a bit over priced for a normal cafe.  Little Branch Cafe made for a really good ending to my outdoor touring of Chicago.

Stars – 4/5