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Carmen here! I recently went to Serendipity for after dinner desserts with my friend J.S.. It was my first time at Serendipity, and I was little overwhelmed by their menu. The menu is huge! Take a look below.


3150 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007

menu that is the like the size of a newspaper

But good thing we were here just for dessert, because I would be staring at this menu for a while. J.S.. told me that the frozen hot chocolate is their specialty, so we got the regular frozen hot chocolate and also decided to get a slice of carrot cake. To our surprise when the waiter came with our desserts the slice of cake was HUGE! There was probably enough cake in that one slice for 4 people to share. The frozen hot chocolate made for one was definitely enough for the both of us to share. And you should know we are not your usual dainty asian girl eaters. We like to eat!

Massive carrot cake and frozen hot chocolate. All for me!

The carrot cake was delicious. Four layers of carrot cake with rich butter-cream frosting in between. My favorite was the butter-cream frosting. It went really well with the moist carrot cake that was not overly rich. The frozen hot chocolate was delicious! Tasted like a mocha but without the coffee. With mounds of whipped cream on top, chocolate shavings, and two straws it was made for sharing. Simply delish!

The ambiance was just wonderfully whimsical. On the inside it felt like you were in Alice in Wonderland. A big cupid mural was placed above the bar, the bar seats were bright red, colorful stained glass ceiling lamps lit the place up with a warm glow.

The desserts were delicious! Have to go back and try their actual food.

Stars 4/5 (for the dessert)