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Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer

Hello WordPress viewers! It’s been a while since I wrote a new post for foodifyme. Please excuse my month long hiatus away from my beloved blog. With the changing of seasons, there also has been a lot of new changes for me: last minute travels to the east coast, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and most importantly scoring an array of job offers. It’s stressful not having any job offers, but it is also quite stressful when there are too many. At the end of the day I chose to stick around Chicago, stick around to the city I call home. Though I truly loved the beauty and the small town feel of Charlottesville and the attraction of NYC, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t leave the city I grew up in, the city I have yet to fully explore and live in. All of a sudden things got very real, as if they weren’t real before. To many more years of food adventures in Chicago!

Check out my food highlights from the last month.

Monticello – Charlottesville, Virginia

I made a small trip to Charlottesville, Virginia for an interview and to visit my very good friend from college. Growing up in Chicago and going to school in DC, I am definitely not use to small towns. Surprisingly, I loved Charlottesville! There was something so calming and soothing about being surrounded by miles and miles of trees and mountains in the distance. Here I am on the highest point at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s retirement home after his presidency. I felt like I was on top of the world!

Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s retirement home

My friend and I were driving on the road, when Sweet Disposition by the Temper Traps came on. Perfect song for cruising through beautiful Charlottesville.

Fry’s Spring Station – Charlottesville, Virginia

Mushroom Pizza

My friends who live in Charlottesville took me to Fry’s Spring Station for happy hour pizza. All pizzas, cocktails, and beers were half off. What could be better! I got the mushroom pizza. The mushrooms and cheese tasted very fresh! I loved pizza dough, thin yet still chewy and crunchy.

Clyde’s – Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Corned beef hash with sunny side up eggs

Since Charlottesville was simply a 3 hour bus ride away from DC, I made a quick weekend stop in DC. My college roommate and I ate late brunch at Clyde’s in Georgetown. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day! You can never go wrong with eggs especially with runny yolks. I loved the combination of liquid yolk over starchy foods like potato hash. A perfect meal to start the day even though we ate brunch at 3PM. oops!

The Bongo Room – South Loop, Chicago

I have been meaning to try out The Bongo Room for a while. It is known for having one of the best brunches in Chicago. They only serve the Chocolate French Toast Tower on the weekends, so I came with a friend on a Sunday. This rich, chocolatey dish is extremely heavy. The bittersweet chocolate chunk bread stuffed with maple mascarpone was topped with a banana creme brulee sauce, bananas, and shaved chocolate. Dessert for breakfast? Bring it on! This was definitely too much for one person to eat alone, so my friend and I shared this along with another brunch dish.

Ming Hin Cuisine – Chinatown, Chicago

Cage Free Chicken Hot Pot Casserole

I came here to eat with my family. It was my first time trying this new restaurant in Chinatown, and it was excellent. The food was good, and surprisingly so was the service. When you go to authentic Chinese restaurants, you do not expect good service. You go for the food, and not the atmosphere or the service. Ming Hin offered all of that. A beautifully decorated dining area, friendly and attentive service, and authentic, delicious Chinese food.

the interior of the restaurant

toothpick in a pouch

I thought this was really great. I have never seen a toothpick packaged in a pouch before. How classy!


Goodbye DC, Till We Meet Again

Being away from Chicago, and back to the comfort of my college city. It felt like I was at home away from home. The familiar faces, familiar shops, familiar environment and culture. I absorbed it all like a sponge with pure joy. Enveloped in comfort, in familiarity. When I was in college at Georgetown University, I had a to-do list of things I wanted to do before I graduated. I didn’t get a chance to do a lot of it with school work, internships, and job searching. All on top of the anxiety of graduating and entering the real world. I finally got the chance to do the things on my to-do adventure, and I couldn’t have been happier. Check out what I’ve been up to.

Phillips Collection – Dupont Circle, Washington, DC 

Degas’s Dancers at the Barre: Point and Counterpoint

I always wanted to check out the Phillips Collection. It is known for being a lot smaller than your usual art museum, but small doesn’t always mean bad. The Phillips Collection was small in a very intimate way. The art was housed in three houses that were connected. As you walked through the Phillips Collection it seemed like you were walking through someone’s home. Chairs and benches everywhere, long hallways leading to other room, intricately detailed staircases that led to other galleries. The place was such a great escape from the urban life of the Dupont Circle neighborhood surrounding the Phillips collection.

Hank’s Oyster Bar – Dupont Circle, Washington, DC 

Tuna Dip

I met up with my college roommate here for happy hour. I am a huge fan of happy hour, because of the cheap foods and cheap drinks. Best hour of the day! We got a tuna dip to share.

happy hour oysters

As well as $1 raw oysters! YUM! They offered three different types of oysters from various areas on the east coast. They tasted quite fresh!

Washington National Cathedral – Washington, DC

National Cathedral

The National Cathedral was even bigger than I imagined it to be. A huge cathedral with lots of grassy surrounding areas including a mini garden. I wandered around the cathedral in what seemed like a never ending maze with secret tunnels leading to mysterious places. Felt a little bit like Hogwarts from Harry Potter! Or what I imagined it would be like.

I loved all of the stained glass windows in the National Cathedral. It was gorgeous to see the light penetrating the glass in an array of colors.

Kafe Leopold – Georgetown, Washington, DC

Fruit Tart

My favorite cafe in DC is Kafe Leopold. I have blogged about this cafe twice already. The thing I love about Kafe Leopold is the European atmosphere. Feels like I am transported away from America to a little city in Europe. Tucked away on M street, let’s hope this place stays in DC forever. I will be coming back to this place every time I visit Chicago. We got a fruit tart to share for dessert. The fruits were fresh, the custard was just the right amount of creaminess and richness, and the crust was flaky without being too hard. Another great dessert from Kafe Leopold.

Amnesty International Protest – Glover Park, Washington, DC

Amnesty International protesters outside of the Russian Embassy

I was walking around near Georgetown, and saw a group of Amnesty International protesters outside of the Russian Embassy. They are protesting the injustice experienced by three female members of a Russian band that publicly protested against President Vladimir Putin in Russia who are now jailed and put on trial. I found out after doing some research about this incident that the band is called Pussy Riot which makes for interesting posters.

Oya – Chinatown, Washington, DC 

We had a girls’ night at Oya, a Asian-fusion restaurant, complete with cocktails, wine, and small appetizer dishes. The inside of Oya was amazing. A dimly lit dining area with a fresh white color scheme. The back wall was adorned with white fake flowers and fountains. It felt so glamorous inside. Perfect for a girls’ night out. I got the ginger based cocktail. I love ginger based drinks, and this one was great. A cocktail with a strong ginger kick.

I got the shrimp and grits for my small dish. It was tasty! Shrimp and grits done asian-fusion style. It was interesting to taste the combination of a normally southern dish with Asian flavors. The shrimps were flavorful, and cooked perfectly.

The Reef – Adams Morgan, Washington, DC

in The Reef

We went to The Reef in Adams Morgan afterwards. A bar with large aquariums and tropical fishes. How cool is that?

Visiting DC was a great trip, but it’s good to be home. It’s good to be home in Chicago.

Hello DC, I’m just visiting

You never realize how much you miss a place till you leave and come back. The comfort of a familiar place that you spent so long living and learning in. When I left DC in May without plans to permanently return back, I felt excited about leaving DC. Free from what I thought was a suffocating atmosphere. During my visit to DC this week I felt so sentimental and a wave of nostalgia hit me from out of no where. Though I always expressed my dissatisfaction with DC noting how it doesn’t provide that urban feel that Chicago and NYC has, I realize now that DC will always have a special place in my heart. It’s cleanliness, quaintness, and all the memories that have been made in DC I will always remember. It’s good to back even though I’m just visiting.

Ingrid Michaelson Concert – Wolftrap, Vienna, Virginia

Ingrid Michaelson!

My roommate from college and I went to two previous Ingrid Michaelson concerts before, and this one is our third one. She was opening for Rufus Wainwright, so not exactly her concert but still worth going to. She sounds the same and maybe even better live! Love her.

Wolftrap music venue in Vienna, VA

Wolftrap is an outdoor music venue with a very wooden, camp-y feeling with typical seating and lawn seats. It was out in the middle of nowhere which added to the outdoorsy and natural feel of the place. Perfect summer night.

Here’s just one of her many great songs. She sang this song during the concert, and it gave us all goosebumps.

Georgetown University Georgetown, Washington, DC

Georgetown University

I never really appreciated the beauty of the Georgetown University campus as a student. I guess once you get use to something for so long you stop appreciating it as much as you should be. A gorgeous day roaming around the Georgetown campus.

The famous Healy Hall clock tower. During my last week as a senior at Georgetown University somebody climbed the tower and managed to steal the clock hands. I guess they are safely returned now.

Sweetgreen – Georgetown, Washington, DC

The thing that I love about Sweetgreen froyo is that tartness of their yogurt. There is only one flavor of yogurt which makes things simple. Plus that one flavor of yogurt is really good. Sometimes froyo could be too sweet, almost like soft serve. Sweetgreen’s froyo is known for being on the more tart side which I love. I got mine with fresh peaches and strawberries. Perfect treat for a hot summer day.

Pizzeria Paradisio – Georgetown, Washington, DC 

Bottarga – Paradiso Tomato, Minced Garlic, Parsley, Parmesan, Egg*, Bottarga

I’ve been here a couple of times, and they have really good brick oven made pizza. There is a slight burnt, crispy taste from being cooked in a brick oven. I especially love the Bottarga, because they put eggs on top of the pizza. Never can go wrong with putting eggs on anything!

More DC adventures to come.

Back to Blogging

Hello world! Sorry that I have been MIA for about two months. It’s been quite a long time since my last post on April 10th. Now that Summer has officially begun I will document all of my summer shenanigans and happenings as a recent college graduate! Blog from the viewpoint of a real person in the real world.

Time to play catch up with all of my food adventures. Here are just a few of the food adventures I have been up to these past couple of months.

NYC Chinatown Food Carts – NYC 

the expression of the guy on the right is great

When I visited NYC Chinatown with my sister and my dad, we stopped at this food cart to get fried fish balls. It comes on a skewer. A perfect snack for strolling the streets of Chinatown.

The Sparrows Tavern – NYC 

This place was featured on Food Network’s show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Conveniently we were in the area, and looking for something to eat besides nasty beer garden food. We decided to give this place a try, since the host of the show raved about the veggie burger. Too bad the veggie burger did not live up to the expectations. It was a good veggie burger, but I wouldn’t say it is the best. The fries were really good. The show said that they fry their fries with rosemary in the fryer. It definitely gave the fries a unique taste.  The place did have a really nice ambiance. Moody lighting, candles flickering, hipster crowd.

Highline – NYC 

biting into the ice cream sandwich

Highline is a rennovated, abandoned, elevated train tracks in NYC. It now functions as an elevated park trail for leisurely walks amongst flowers and greenery. My cousin and I shared a green tea ice cream with ginger cookie ice cream sandwich. Nothing like munching on an ice cream sandwich while taking in the NYC environment from above the bustling streets.

Matchbox – DC 

Stopped at Matchbox for lunch. Matchbox is known for their pizzas and sliders. I love tiny foods, so I had to give the sliders a try. The sliders were delicious! The beef juicy and well seasoned. The sliders came with onion straws which were extremely tasty. Couldn’t stop eating them, even though they gave me onion breath. eww..

Paulo’s Ristorante- DC

Every year Georgetown University has a big outdoor celebration called Georgetown Day that celebrates the Georgetown community. It was originally created in the memory of a Georgetown student who died from alcohol poisoning. Ironically Georgetown students over the years have turned it into a day dedicated to day drinking. Oh college! On Georgetown Day my friends and I went to Paulo’s, an Italian restaurant, for happy hour. $3 mixed cocktails including Butter Nipples and Apple Kamikaze. Cannot beat the price for the tasty drinks! They also have a list of happy hour appetizers priced from $3-$6. I got the eggplant parmesan. It was surprisingly very large. A little bit too much cheese for my taste, but still good.

Shake Shack – DC 

Why would anyone go to Five Guy’s when Shake Shack is available? I have fallen in love with the Shake Shack burgers. They use potato bread buns which hold the burger juices and keep the burger together a lot better than your regular burger bun. The beef patty is well seasoned. With minimal toppings including lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle you are not overwhelmed with a collision of toppings and burger tastes. The toppings are always so fresh. If there was a Shake Shack in Chicago, I would make weekly trips for my burger cravings.

The Gibson

Long hiatus away from blogging, and it feels good to write these food blogs again. The college life of a senior consisting of school work, nursing clinical, and job applications have slowly taken over my life. But a little over a month till graduation!

One of my favorite hobbies is visiting speak easy styled bars which is quite a nice hobby to have! David and I visited The Gibson located on U street in Washington, DC. This is the third speak easy styled bar we have been to which I guess makes us speak easy bar experts!

The Gibson

2009 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20003
Neighborhood: U Street Corridor

marks the door to The Gibson

The entrance The Gibson is completely hidden. We walked right pass the door only to doubleback when we realized we passed the address. We walk up to this door marked as 2009 which is the correct address to The Gibson. Good thing I checked out The Gibson on Yelp before we went. I only knew that the door was the entrance to The Gibson, because of the doorbell pictured above which I saw on Yelp.

I opened the door, and we were magically transported into an entirely different world compared to the U Street Corridor. U Street Corridor is known for its rich  history as the cultural center for the African American community. While U street was bustling with young people ready for a night out, inside the doors of The Gibson was a dimly lit environment of slow paced classy chilling.

inside of The Gibson

The Gibson had the mandatory qualities of a speak easy styled bar: dim lights, candles, delicious drinks, and a prohibition era feel. I thought that the decor of the room was a bit lacking. Additional whimsical decor would have given The Gibson a more speak easy styled feel.

Tequila cocktail

I got a tequila based drink. It was delicious, and such a pretty color too.

I don’t remember what David got, but it was delicious. Note the tilt of the drink in the glass possibly caused by a tilt of the table or the entire floor. Is this an intentional speak easy styled lopsidedness? Kidding…

Overall The Gibson was really great. I loved the relaxing atmosphere of the place, but compared to Angel’s Share and Raines Law Room this place was not as great.

Stars: 4.5/5

Sweetness is Mandatory

Today is Monday, and what a struggle. My friend Rekha came to visit over the weekend, and we just stuffed our mouths with  cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, and all things sweet. No cuter place than Georgetown for dainty desserts.

Baked and Wired 

1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW
Washington, DC 20007

cupcakes galore at Baked and Wired!

The neighborhood of Georgetown should be renamed cupcake-topia. Within the span of a couple of blocks there are three different cupcake shops each with their own distinct taste from the renowned chain Sprinkles, the preppy Georgetown Cupcake, and the hipster Baked and Wired. Whenever I have guests come to Georgetown they always want to try Georgetown Cupcake, but I tell them Baked and Wired is better which is true.

strawberry cupcake

The cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake are too rich for my taste. The batter is thick and heavy paired with matching dense frosting. Baked and Wired is where it’s at. As you can see in the picture the cupcakes are more cake like than your normal cupcake. The frosting is light and whipped making for a delicious cupcake. They are known for their strawberry cupcakes, so I got one for my friend and I to share.

Kafe Leopold

3315 Cady’s Alley, NW
Washington, DC 20007

I have written two previous posts on Kafe Leopold already, but I just love this place. This is my all time favorite place in Georgetown.  A perfect place to take a friend for some sweets.

Topfentorte - mango cheesecake

We got the Topfentorte to share. The Topfentorte is a creamy quark cheesecake marbled with mango and filled with passion fruit jelly in the center. I am normally not a fan of cheesecake, but this was unlike any other cheesecakes I have ever tasted. The cheesecake was so light, almost mousse-like. It was just so delicious! I was a big fan of the whipped cream. It tasted so fresh with just a hint of sweetness.


I have had the plate of macaroons before, but they always change their flavors so it’s fun trying new flavors. This plate had pistachio, banana rum, spicy chocolate, basil, and an unknown flavor Rekha and I just couldn’t figure out. All of them were great! I loved the crispness of the top layer of the macaroons.

Georgetown Canal

While walking around Georgetown we noticed that the Georgetown Canal was open and flowing. In the dead of winter the canal is empty. Instead of free flowing water you see the dirt filled bottom. It was so beautiful watching the water flow on such a gorgeous day.

What a sweet day in Georgetown! No pun intended…

Life of a College Student

In two months I will no longer have the luxury of being a college student. Those attempted all nighters, stuffing my face with greasy, drunk foods, meeting up with friends recapping about what happened last night. A point in life when the most important thing is whether I will get an A on that paper. Something so important freshman year suddenly becomes so trivial as I approach the end to my undergraduate college career. When there are bigger things to worry about like what do I want to do with my life, what is my purpose, will I find a job. All of that suddenly makes college seem so unreal. But yet I will treasure my remaining college days.

Prime example of a college student moment. My roommate and I were studying in my apartment complex’s shared office room complaining how our very last  Spring Break has come to an end. She was ready to head upstairs to eat dinner, and I jokingly told her she should stay down here with me because studying alone is ever so lonely. She heads upstairs to our apartment, and next thing I know she comes down with a plate of food and brings it into the study room. Studying for a test the next day, catching up on readings, writing papers. Things we were suppose to be working on throughout Spring Break all saved for that last day. Nothing says college like procrastinating.

Here is my lovely roommate joining me for our study party with her dinner. What’s not to love about studying and eating at the same time. In college you learn the very useful skill of multi-tasking.

in my study mode

I will NOT miss this about college. Falling asleep, because studying is hard work.

March Photo a Day – March 1 – March 9

Click here to learn more about this little photography project I am doing.


On the bus from DC to NYC


At Gray’s Papaya in NYC.


Unfortunately I was not in Chicago or DC on March 3. This photo was snapped at the MoMA in NYC. An architectural display of my future neighborhood.


Saved this picture for when I got back to my apartment. My wallside besides by bedside.


Got the chance to watch Avenue Q in NYC. Avenue Q puppet smiles are simply the best.

 MARCH 6 – 5PM 

Got back from NYC at 3PM, and off to meet my friend for coffee to gush about how amazing NYC is.


I went to Dupont Circle in DC to study. A beautiful Spring-like day fitting for some popping pink action.


Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring. The view of office buildings from my balcony window.


I got this red butterfly at the Phibbs Conservatory in PIttsburgh last year. It is currently clipped to my floor lamp.

March Photo a Day

Happy March! My cousin linked me to this fun challenge of taking a photo day. Each day dedicated to something different. What a great way to be creative and share your world with others. Everyday topics, things, and words transformed into a photograph that holds and captures a moment in time.

I will be posting weekly posts with my photographs. Join me in this adventure starting today, March 1!

March 1st is “UP“. I snapped a gorgeous picture of a bridge while on a bus traveling to NYC from DC. Sunny, clear skies in the background melted with the teal colors of the bridge. Time to go UP and over.

March 1 - UP and over

Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe

We came here for a midnight snack after a night out and about in Dupont Circle couple weeks ago. I’ve been in here during the daytime hours in their bookstore part. Unlike the larger bookstores like Barnes and Noble and previously Borders Kramerbooks has a very cozy, home-like feel to it with wooden floors and beautifully laid out books. I’ve heard only good things about the cafe, so good thing we got those late night munchies.

Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe 

1517 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

The place is comfortably situated in the back of the bookstore. I love the concept of cafes inside bookstores. It’s whimsical, it’s comfortable, it’s a fantastic idea. If more bookstores open up a cafe inside I would totally be there all the time.

Mac & Cheese

I ordered the appetizer sized Mac & Cheese. It was delicious. Not overly cheesy with a perfect crunch layer on the top.

Apple Crumb Pie

My friends shared the apple crumb pie. It was beautifully plated with a crispy top, moist apples in the center, and perfect crust.

The food was great, but the price was just a little pricey for the kind of food. Even though the Mac & Cheese was really good it was not the best. I adore the environment. Sometimes I guess half of what you pay for is the atmosphere you dine in. Might have to go back again to try their actual food.