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Whimsical Occurrences with Cupcake ATMs and Dream Engines

Things that are out of the ordinary are amusing, and adds a certain whimsical quality to life. Things that don’t belong, things that are out of place, things that bring fantasy into real life. I think this Dr. Seuss quote is quite fitting.

 “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” – Dr. Seuss

Without fantasy people would view life in black and white. What a lifeless world without excitement, without color, without playfulness. Welcome to the world of whimsy.

Sprinkles Cupcake Vending Machine

Spotted this on the streets near The Water Tower in Chicago. When did Sprinkles Cupcake ATMs become necessary? I guess if you have a late night craving for a Sprinkles cupcake and the store is closed, cupcake ATM to the rescue! The entire idea that you can get cupcakes from a vending machine is strange, but very appealing. I might just have to try one of these ATMs for fun and for the delicious cupcake of course.

ComEd Dream Engine

Dream Engine

While shopping downtown, my sister and I spotted this Dream Engine. What is a Dream Engine you ask? Perhaps a machine to store dreams, to share dreams, to reveal dreams? This Dream Engine is made from an old refrigerator transformed into a dreamlike art work. The viewer turns the handle and peers inside the engine. Inside you see a short stop motion picture animation of a horse galloping. Check out the other fridge artwork here.

House Without Stairs

Second floor entrance slightly out of reach

I guess no one enters the second floor through the front door. Unless people have amazingly high jumping abilities like the Olympian pole vaulters. Imagine if someone was to try to exit the second floor through that exit. A trick door just like in the old school, black and white movies.

Fake Subway Signs in London

Whoever put these up is a genius! Spotting these signs would make a great start to any morning commute. Check out more signs here.


Birthday-ing Around

Happy belated birthday to me! I celebrated my birthday in Chicago with my friends, and I decided to try out the Berghoff Restaurant. It’s a German restaurant that is fairly well known in Chicago. I never tried German food before and neither did my friends, so we decided to give this place a try.

Berghoff Restaurant – The Loop

Jager Schnitzel

I shared the Jager Schnitzel entree with my friend, because I wasn’t feeling too hungry and didn’t want to be food coma-ed out. The Jager Schnitzel is a pork cutlet with a bacon and jagermeister infused sauce. It came with root vegetables and spaetzles. It was alright. Perhaps I am not really a big fan of German food. The pork cutlet was tender and well cooked. Nothing to complain about, but nothing really to rave about. The pierogies were really amazing though, but that’s not truly German. That is Polish. A little bit of a let down since this was one of the go-to places in Chicago.

Magnolia Bakery – The Loop

My friend gave me these Magnolia cupcakes for my birthday. I have heard great things about Magnolia Bakery which started in NYC. I saw one of their stores on State street, a shopping street in Chicago, and I really wanted to try it since I never had the chance to in NYC. These cupcakes are really good. The bottom is not too rich and more cake-like than your usual cupcake. The frosting was light, but still quite sweet. A little bit on the heavy side in terms of sweetness, but the texture of it was just right. I tried the purple one. I think the frosting was just colored purple and was a regular vanilla flavored  frosting with a chocolate bottom. I offered the cupcakes to my friends, and they caked me with one of them. I have such great friends huh?

Division Ale House – Wicker Park

Hot wing challenge

I didn’t actually do the challenge, but my friend did. 10 hot wings in under 10 minutes, and you get the wings for free and a free t-shirt saying you successful accomplished the hot wing challenge. From the picture you can’t even tell they are wings, because there is so much sauce! They even gave him plastic gloves to wear! I sampled the sauce just to see how spicy it was, and it is truly quite spicy. A burning sensation on my tongue that wouldn’t go away for a couple of minutes. Thankfully you didn’t have to eat all of the sauce just the wings. The strategy then became wipe off as much of the sauce as possible! My friend successfully did the challenge in not 10 minutes, but 6 minutes. What an accomplishment! You go!! Once he finished, the waiters came out with a glass of milk and his free t-shirt.

Homemade Sushi

My sister and I decided to make sushi one night. Using crab meat, cucumber, tamago (egg), avocado, and salmon we made the various roles. My favorite was the salmon avocado. The smoothness of the avocado paired with the salmon is just the best. This has to be my favorite classic sushi roll!

Sweetness is Mandatory

Today is Monday, and what a struggle. My friend Rekha came to visit over the weekend, and we just stuffed our mouths with  cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, and all things sweet. No cuter place than Georgetown for dainty desserts.

Baked and Wired 

1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW
Washington, DC 20007

cupcakes galore at Baked and Wired!

The neighborhood of Georgetown should be renamed cupcake-topia. Within the span of a couple of blocks there are three different cupcake shops each with their own distinct taste from the renowned chain Sprinkles, the preppy Georgetown Cupcake, and the hipster Baked and Wired. Whenever I have guests come to Georgetown they always want to try Georgetown Cupcake, but I tell them Baked and Wired is better which is true.

strawberry cupcake

The cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake are too rich for my taste. The batter is thick and heavy paired with matching dense frosting. Baked and Wired is where it’s at. As you can see in the picture the cupcakes are more cake like than your normal cupcake. The frosting is light and whipped making for a delicious cupcake. They are known for their strawberry cupcakes, so I got one for my friend and I to share.

Kafe Leopold

3315 Cady’s Alley, NW
Washington, DC 20007

I have written two previous posts on Kafe Leopold already, but I just love this place. This is my all time favorite place in Georgetown.  A perfect place to take a friend for some sweets.

Topfentorte - mango cheesecake

We got the Topfentorte to share. The Topfentorte is a creamy quark cheesecake marbled with mango and filled with passion fruit jelly in the center. I am normally not a fan of cheesecake, but this was unlike any other cheesecakes I have ever tasted. The cheesecake was so light, almost mousse-like. It was just so delicious! I was a big fan of the whipped cream. It tasted so fresh with just a hint of sweetness.


I have had the plate of macaroons before, but they always change their flavors so it’s fun trying new flavors. This plate had pistachio, banana rum, spicy chocolate, basil, and an unknown flavor Rekha and I just couldn’t figure out. All of them were great! I loved the crispness of the top layer of the macaroons.

Georgetown Canal

While walking around Georgetown we noticed that the Georgetown Canal was open and flowing. In the dead of winter the canal is empty. Instead of free flowing water you see the dirt filled bottom. It was so beautiful watching the water flow on such a gorgeous day.

What a sweet day in Georgetown! No pun intended…