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Hello world! Sorry that I have been MIA for about two months. It’s been quite a long time since my last post on April 10th. Now that Summer has officially begun I will document all of my summer shenanigans and happenings as a recent college graduate! Blog from the viewpoint of a real person in the real world.

Time to play catch up with all of my food adventures. Here are just a few of the food adventures I have been up to these past couple of months.

NYC Chinatown Food Carts – NYC 

the expression of the guy on the right is great

When I visited NYC Chinatown with my sister and my dad, we stopped at this food cart to get fried fish balls. It comes on a skewer. A perfect snack for strolling the streets of Chinatown.

The Sparrows Tavern – NYC 

This place was featured on Food Network’s show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Conveniently we were in the area, and looking for something to eat besides nasty beer garden food. We decided to give this place a try, since the host of the show raved about the veggie burger. Too bad the veggie burger did not live up to the expectations. It was a good veggie burger, but I wouldn’t say it is the best. The fries were really good. The show said that they fry their fries with rosemary in the fryer. It definitely gave the fries a unique taste.  The place did have a really nice ambiance. Moody lighting, candles flickering, hipster crowd.

Highline – NYC 

biting into the ice cream sandwich

Highline is a rennovated, abandoned, elevated train tracks in NYC. It now functions as an elevated park trail for leisurely walks amongst flowers and greenery. My cousin and I shared a green tea ice cream with ginger cookie ice cream sandwich. Nothing like munching on an ice cream sandwich while taking in the NYC environment from above the bustling streets.

Matchbox – DC 

Stopped at Matchbox for lunch. Matchbox is known for their pizzas and sliders. I love tiny foods, so I had to give the sliders a try. The sliders were delicious! The beef juicy and well seasoned. The sliders came with onion straws which were extremely tasty. Couldn’t stop eating them, even though they gave me onion breath. eww..

Paulo’s Ristorante- DC

Every year Georgetown University has a big outdoor celebration called Georgetown Day that celebrates the Georgetown community. It was originally created in the memory of a Georgetown student who died from alcohol poisoning. Ironically Georgetown students over the years have turned it into a day dedicated to day drinking. Oh college! On Georgetown Day my friends and I went to Paulo’s, an Italian restaurant, for happy hour. $3 mixed cocktails including Butter Nipples and Apple Kamikaze. Cannot beat the price for the tasty drinks! They also have a list of happy hour appetizers priced from $3-$6. I got the eggplant parmesan. It was surprisingly very large. A little bit too much cheese for my taste, but still good.

Shake Shack – DC 

Why would anyone go to Five Guy’s when Shake Shack is available? I have fallen in love with the Shake Shack burgers. They use potato bread buns which hold the burger juices and keep the burger together a lot better than your regular burger bun. The beef patty is well seasoned. With minimal toppings including lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle you are not overwhelmed with a collision of toppings and burger tastes. The toppings are always so fresh. If there was a Shake Shack in Chicago, I would make weekly trips for my burger cravings.


Life of a College Student

In two months I will no longer have the luxury of being a college student. Those attempted all nighters, stuffing my face with greasy, drunk foods, meeting up with friends recapping about what happened last night. A point in life when the most important thing is whether I will get an A on that paper. Something so important freshman year suddenly becomes so trivial as I approach the end to my undergraduate college career. When there are bigger things to worry about like what do I want to do with my life, what is my purpose, will I find a job. All of that suddenly makes college seem so unreal. But yet I will treasure my remaining college days.

Prime example of a college student moment. My roommate and I were studying in my apartment complex’s shared office room complaining how our very last  Spring Break has come to an end. She was ready to head upstairs to eat dinner, and I jokingly told her she should stay down here with me because studying alone is ever so lonely. She heads upstairs to our apartment, and next thing I know she comes down with a plate of food and brings it into the study room. Studying for a test the next day, catching up on readings, writing papers. Things we were suppose to be working on throughout Spring Break all saved for that last day. Nothing says college like procrastinating.

Here is my lovely roommate joining me for our study party with her dinner. What’s not to love about studying and eating at the same time. In college you learn the very useful skill of multi-tasking.

in my study mode

I will NOT miss this about college. Falling asleep, because studying is hard work.

Guest Post: Unofficial 2012

A first for foodifyme, a guest blog post by my very good friend Ray! It’s so very exciting to have a fellow foodie contribute to this blog. It’s always fun to see what my friends are up to. When he told me what he was going to make, keep reading to find out the surprise, my first reaction was to ask him if he would be a guest blogger, and he said YES. Foodify our lives Ray!

Ray – Here at the University of Illinois, we have a holiday called “Unofficial”. And like most large public universities, holidays only mean a few things: debauchery, lewdness and general drunkenness. Students from near and afar come on the first Friday of March to celebrate a full day of drinking from morning into evening. 


The tradition began in the late 90s as bar owners looked to rake in money from students who wanted to celebrate St. Patricks’ day unofficially. All the bars offered open food buffets and all you can drink beer from 8AM to 2PM, all at a cost of roughly $20. Unfortunately, good things don’t last and as citations, arrests and even fatalities began to pile up over the years, the city of Champaign began restricting the bars’ activities. Thus, students have begun to take it upon themselves to try to continue the tradition.

While the tradition has shifted into one of general drunkenness, the idea of starting early with food and booze continues. And because it’s a replacement for St. Patrick’s day, there’s going to plenty of green. This year, we went with eggs benedict served on a bed of spinach and topped with a spinach pesto served with a side of country potatoes to soak up the oncoming alcohol consumption.Image

The meal is finished with a short stack of chocolate-chip pancakes served with some whipped cream.Image

A breakfast isn’t complete with a good breakfast shake. We blended orange juice, mangos and spiked it with half a bottle of banana-flavored rum. Serves 4 people.Image

So there you have it, the meal that’s supposed to keep us going for 14 hours of straight drinking.