Eat Down. Tip Up.

A simple concept with a catch phrase that pretty much explains it all. It was started by my good friend and ten other people post Hurricane Sandy. See their website here. Eat Down. Tip Up consists of these following easy steps.

1. Go out to eat downtown.

2. Tip generously.

3. Post a photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (#EatDownTipUp)

You hear a lot about aid for families that were hit hard by hurricane Sandy, but what about the businesses? What about the restaurant staff that went days without pay, and most likely not reimbursed in some cases because the employer simply cannot afford to? This concept reaches out to restaurants, through community support, to help them keep afloat. No pun intended…

New York restaurants have an 80% fail rate within the first five years. Meaning for every 1,000 enthusiastic restaurants that open up every year within five years 800 of those will close. Say goodbye to that beloved cafe on the corner of the street or that lounge you and your friends frequent every Friday night. With the fail rate being so high, there is no doubt that Hurricane Sandy will increase the fail rate for many restaurants this year. When the margins for profit are so slim, the costs of Hurricane Sandy may place some restaurants in the inevitable 80%. Something as little as replacing the furnishings and decor in a restaurant can push them over the edge. The post Sandy expenses go on and on including replacing all perishable foods, replacing damaged kitchen equipment, and the long clean up process.

For those reading in New York or thinking about visiting soon, eat down and tip up. Support your local restaurants, so they may continue serving you your favorite dishes and providing you with unforgettable dining experiences. Support the waitress that provides you excellent wait service and the invisible staff that keeps the restaurant running. What better excuse to try new restaurants and retry old restaurants. If I lived in New York, I would validate dining out by calling it a good cause – a good cause for my taste buds and a good cause for the NYC community.

Eat down tip up was inspired by this Anthony Bourdain tweet from November 3.

Read more about eat down and tip up including personal restaurant stories here.


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