Hot Doug’s and More

It feels so good to be back home in Chicago. With a TV at home I can finally cheer on the US Olympians in the most exciting sporting extravaganza ever. I love the Olympics! I’m sure there is a lot of buzz all over the social media sites about the Olympics, and I can totally relate. The excitement of watching the Olympians compete for the medals is just irresistible. Good thing it only comes once every 4 years, or else I think I will just be too exhausted from all the suspense. Other than camping out in front of the TV, ecstatic that the Olympics is on, this is what I’ve been up to.

Lokal – Wicker Park, Chicago

Pork Belly

The pork belly is the reason why I came back to Lokal. I had dinner at Lokal before (check out the post here), and the pork belly was the best pork belly I have ever had. This time instead of coming with lentils it came with chard, because of the hot summer weather. The pork belly was just as good as last time. Tender, flavorful, and just delicious.

Potato Pierogi

We went on a Tuesday night when all of the appetizers were half off. Yes! The potato pierogis tasted a little different from your usual polish pierogi. Less potato fillng inside, and slightly pan fried to get a crispy exterior. It was topped with fried leeks and bacon.

Potato Pancake

The potato pancake was a lot airier than other potato pancakes that I’ve had. I loved how it was paired with caramelized onions. Overall very tasty half off appetizers from Lokal.

Mario’s Italian Lemonade – University Village, Chicago

Italian Ice – Lemon

While waiting for my friends to show up I decided to walk to Mario’s Italian Lemonade for apparently the best Italian ice in Chicago. I think it lived up to the expectations. With a nice smooth texture this was a great summer night treat.

Hot Doug’s – Avondale, Chicago

with all of our hot dogs

Foie Gras and duck sausage, curry pork and veal, Norm Crosby

Gourmet hot dogs at Hot Doug’s. I got the Norm Crosby, and my friend tried the Foie Gras and curry pork and veal. I loved the casing of these sausages. Crunchy on the outside encasing delicious meats on the inside. The fries were excellent as well. Fresh cut fries that tasted just great! Amazing!

hot dog decor galore

Look at all of those hot doggity hot dog decor.

the menu

The menu on the wall on hot dog plaques. I loved the hot dog themed decor at Hot Doug’s. Made the eating experience way more fun. Love me some hot dogs!


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