Eating My Way Through Chicago

Last week a monstrous heat wave had descended upon the entire country including Chicago. With temperatures soaring into the 100s and breezes that only help to spread around the warm heat, one does not venture outside unless it is just for a brief moment. Indoor days for sure! Here is a collection of some of things I’ve been up to during the heat wave.

Opart Thai Restaurant – Near South Loop

This restaurant was listed as best Thai restaurant in Chicago by Chicago Reader. I am not convinced it is the best, but it is pretty good. The curry was full of flavor. The chicken was a little bland, but with the curry sauce was great.

with Thai iced tea

My friend Chris with his Thai iced tea. The decorations on the wall made it feel really modern with an authentic Thai atmosphere.

Alcoholic Ginger Beer – Binny’s

ginger beer

Ever since I had a cocktail with ginger beer in it I have been on the lookout for ginger beer. Some people told me that alcoholic ginger beer does not exist, but alas I found an alcoholic ginger beer when I went to Binny’s. It said to serve the beer chilled over ice and with a slice of lime. I made the drink this way, and it was delicious! The bitterness of the ginger paired with the slight sweetness of the beer, and the sourness of the lime went so well together! I am not a big fan of beer, but this one I am a huge fan of. If you are looking to try a new kind of beer give Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer a try.

 Shanghai Bistro – Chinatown

Shanghai Soup Dumpling

This restaurant recently opened up, so my family and I went to give it a try. We got the Shanghai Soup Dumplings which were definitely a disappointment. There was not enough soup inside the dumplings, and the skin was too thin. I’ve had the best soup dumplings in NYC Chinatown where the soup dumplings were exploding with soup and flavor. These soup dumplings do not even compare.

Lamb casserole

The lamb casserole was great. The lamb was tender and filled with flavor. My mom really enjoyed the dish noting the large portion of lamb they gave.

This was my favorite dish. The flavors of this dish were incredible. The saltiness and crunchiness all cooked in just the right amount of oil made for a really great dish.

Now that the heat wave is officially over time to head outside and have more outdoor adventures!


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