Daley Plaza Market

My sister and I went to the Daley Plaza Market in the morning to grab some flowers for my backyard. Since it was early in the morning we decided to grab breakfast at the Daley Plaza Market as well. Nothing like fresh baked goods from an outdoor market!

with the baked goods

My sister got the pretzel croissant, and I got the chocolate scone. The pretzel croissant was very interesting. A croissant made with half croissant and half pretzel dough. It was extremely buttery, even more so than your average croissant. Made for an extremely heavy tasting breakfast goodie. My chocolate scone was delicious. Lots of large chocolate chunks to satisfy my chocolate sweet tooth in the morning.

the flowers

One of the many stalls that sold flowers and plants. The variety of plants and flowers available was really great! My favorite flower I got from my trip to the market was a purple carnation plant.

silly pigeons

This was quite a funny sight. Pigeons huddling around a fire on a warm summer day. Why is this fire there in the first place? The City of Chicago what are you guys doing?

my sister at the market

What a great morning at the Daley Plaza Market!


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