New Maxwell Street Market

Every Sunday the Maxwell Street Market comes to life in Chicago in the South Loop. It is a predominantly Hispanic outdoor street market that fills the streets with authentic, rich Mexican culture.

at the festival

My mom, my sister, and I came here to browse and spend the nice Sunday afternoon outdoors. The Maxwell Street Market sells just about everything from packages of socks to cases of fresh fruit. I even saw vendors selling drug store brand cosmetics and medication. Things like that I would not get at the market especially since you don’t know if they are truly authentic or not. Tons of vendors were selling knock-off purses. My mom’s favorite vendor is the one who sells nuts. My mom claims that they are fresher and cheaper than elsewhere. My sister scouted out the market for vendors selling video games. She was on the look out for the Pokemon Snap N64 game, and we finally found it as we were leaving the market. We even bargained down the $5 game down to $4. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you got a good deal!

My favorite thing about the market is the Mexican street food. Tons of stands selling tacos, quesadilas, talames, churros and so much more. We decided to stop by one of the stands and give the food a try. I got a pork tamale. Unfortunately the tamale was not fresh. It was tough and slightly hard. Not like the soft tamales I was use to. Fortunately the steak taco that my mom ordered was delicious. The steak was well seasoned. The soft taco shell was warm and so soft. Must go back to try all of the other foods!

All in all this street market is definitely someplace you should check out if you are in Chicago. So many sights, sounds, and smells. The authentic mariachi music blasting from the boom boxes of vendors selling CDs. The tasty smells of authentic Mexican street food. The amusing sights of tiny chihuahuas running to keep up with their owners with their teeny tiny legs. Tiny dogs like chihuahuas should not be brought to busy markets. I was so afraid I would accidentally step on them if I wasn’t careful about where I was walking. Overall a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


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