Life of a College Student

In two months I will no longer have the luxury of being a college student. Those attempted all nighters, stuffing my face with greasy, drunk foods, meeting up with friends recapping about what happened last night. A point in life when the most important thing is whether I will get an A on that paper. Something so important freshman year suddenly becomes so trivial as I approach the end to my undergraduate college career. When there are bigger things to worry about like what do I want to do with my life, what is my purpose, will I find a job. All of that suddenly makes college seem so unreal. But yet I will treasure my remaining college days.

Prime example of a college student moment. My roommate and I were studying in my apartment complex’s shared office room complaining how our very last  Spring Break has come to an end. She was ready to head upstairs to eat dinner, and I jokingly told her she should stay down here with me because studying alone is ever so lonely. She heads upstairs to our apartment, and next thing I know she comes down with a plate of food and brings it into the study room. Studying for a test the next day, catching up on readings, writing papers. Things we were suppose to be working on throughout Spring Break all saved for that last day. Nothing says college like procrastinating.

Here is my lovely roommate joining me for our study party with her dinner. What’s not to love about studying and eating at the same time. In college you learn the very useful skill of multi-tasking.

in my study mode

I will NOT miss this about college. Falling asleep, because studying is hard work.


One thought on “Life of a College Student

  1. Kevin Tam says:

    That last picture is hilarious!

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