Guest Post: Unofficial 2012

A first for foodifyme, a guest blog post by my very good friend Ray! It’s so very exciting to have a fellow foodie contribute to this blog. It’s always fun to see what my friends are up to. When he told me what he was going to make, keep reading to find out the surprise, my first reaction was to ask him if he would be a guest blogger, and he said YES. Foodify our lives Ray!

Ray – Here at the University of Illinois, we have a holiday called “Unofficial”. And like most large public universities, holidays only mean a few things: debauchery, lewdness and general drunkenness. Students from near and afar come on the first Friday of March to celebrate a full day of drinking from morning into evening. 


The tradition began in the late 90s as bar owners looked to rake in money from students who wanted to celebrate St. Patricks’ day unofficially. All the bars offered open food buffets and all you can drink beer from 8AM to 2PM, all at a cost of roughly $20. Unfortunately, good things don’t last and as citations, arrests and even fatalities began to pile up over the years, the city of Champaign began restricting the bars’ activities. Thus, students have begun to take it upon themselves to try to continue the tradition.

While the tradition has shifted into one of general drunkenness, the idea of starting early with food and booze continues. And because it’s a replacement for St. Patrick’s day, there’s going to plenty of green. This year, we went with eggs benedict served on a bed of spinach and topped with a spinach pesto served with a side of country potatoes to soak up the oncoming alcohol consumption.Image

The meal is finished with a short stack of chocolate-chip pancakes served with some whipped cream.Image

A breakfast isn’t complete with a good breakfast shake. We blended orange juice, mangos and spiked it with half a bottle of banana-flavored rum. Serves 4 people.Image

So there you have it, the meal that’s supposed to keep us going for 14 hours of straight drinking.


One thought on “Guest Post: Unofficial 2012

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    I admire your dedication to our patron saint. Though, the green pancakes leave me a bit non-plused. Here in Dublin, I will be avoiding the parades and the various drunks wearing ‘top ‘o the mornin’ hats and ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ tee shirts. However, we will get Monday 19th off work to compensate for the day falling on a Saturday. Enjoy it.

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