Grocery Shopping with Carmen

Ever wonder what I eat when I’m not eating out? Back from my NYC trip, and my fridge is empty. Time to go grocery shopping! My roommate and I took our reusable bags to a Safeway that is located really close to our apartment. Unlike all of the exciting, fun local grocery stores in NYC I have my pick of a Safeway that is conveniently close, but quite boring or a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s that is fun, but not within walking distance. As a college student without access to a car carrying groceries back home is always a problem especially if I decide to go food crazy at the store.

post-grocery shopping smiles

Whew! It was quite heavy carrying everything back. I always wonder if people think I am crazy being a tiny Asian girl and carrying all of these bags filled with food from the grocery store.

grocery bags

All of this food plus whatever I have left in my kitchen should last me about two weeks without having to do a big grocery shopping trip.

my food!

This is what my normal grocery shopping trip looks like. This is the list of essentials I always get:

  1. bread
  2. lunch meat
  3. cheese
  4. milk
  5. bananas
  6. canned tomatoes
  7. eggs
  8. frozen vegetables

Nothing too fancy. Usually I do not eat and buy a lot of meat on my own though I would choose to eat it when I go out to eat. Cooking meat takes too much prep work and too much effort when you are busy college student. I usually get my dose of protein by eating eggs and tofu.

I eat a lot of sandwiches, because I am usually not in the apartment during lunchtime either at my internship or in class or at my nursing practicum clinical. Sandwiches are easy and quick. Dress up the sandwich with spreads like the Trader Joe’s Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce which is heavenly. Makes even the most boring sandwich taste amazing.

Napa Cabbage

I was surprised to find Napa Cabbage at Safeway. Napa Cabbage is Chinese cabbage used in stir fries or as a wrap. What a pleasant surprise to see it sitting next to the other produce.



2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping with Carmen

  1. amadeus98 says:

    Hmm… Is that white wine in the background?

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