I <3 NY

Arriving into Manhattan I always get sense of excitement, of invigoration, of energy that life is full of surprises and endless opportunities. A city full of life, full of thrills that will make even the dead of winter come alive  If I were to make a list of all the things I love about NYC the list would go on forever, but here are my top favorites about NYC.

  1. Abundance of cheap, delicious foods.
  2. The urban fashion of New Yorkers on the go.
  3. Hustle and bustle of the city streets even at night.
  4. The idea and the sense that anything is possible.
On the train I overheard this conversation between two guys. In NYC…
you go from your tiny apartment, to the cramped train, to your small work cubicle, then back onto the cramped train returning back to your tiny apartment“.
Space is tight in NYC wherever you go, but perhaps I wouldn’t mind that.

Here are short blurbs of my most recent trip to NYC, and what I have been up to.

Gray’s Papaya 

Gray's Papaya

I love Gray’s Papaya. This hot dog place has the best hot dogs ever! The casing of the hot dogs have the perfect amount of crunch so that when you bite into them it snaps in your mouth releasing all of the juicy, meaty, hot doggy goodness inside. The hot dog is topped with onions and sauerkraut. This simple hot dog is definitely a must for anyone who is in or visiting NYC. The hot dog is so good, I’ve gotten it at 9AM before, because we were passing by a Gray’s Papaya, and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to eat this delicious hot dog.

note the guy's face

The inside of Gray’s Papaya is really colorful with fruit hanging from their ceilings and fun signs everywhere. They are also known for their various smoothies, but I am not really a big fan of their smoothies. We asked to take a picture with the Gray’s Papaya worker, and he did. I think I caught him in mid sentence when he was asking whether this picture was going up on Facebook. Well Gray’s Papaya guy you made it to my blog!

Toys R Us 

This Toys R Us located in Time Square had its very own Ferris Wheel. How cool is that? I didn’t get a chance to ride it, but I would imagine this would fulfill any little kid’s dream. An entire store with four levels filled with toys of all sorts complete with a Ferris Wheel. As a twenty something walking through the store I was living in a world of whimsy.

The Urban Jungle of NYC

Joyce and I were walking to the train when we noticed this car with the coolest collection of bumper stickers. The car’s sun roof was almost completely covered with bumper stickers. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a sun roof no?

The subway system has a certain grunge factor about it. You can occasionally spot rats running on the tracks. A pool of water sitting on the tracks with a variety of trash floating around. Seriously do not know how long that water has been sitting there.

Take a look at the mysterious brown colored muck running down the wall. There is a continuous stream of liquid flowing from the top. Where is that liquid coming from? The subway may be dirty, it may be filled with rodents, but I think this is what gives NYC it’s character. An urban jungle both underground and above ground.

Avenue Q

Finally got to see a Broadway show in NYC, and Avenue Q was the best! Singing puppets talking about very adult, controversial subjects like being gay, being racist, porn on the internet, and making love. The singing, the acting, the dancing was absolutely amazing. The central theme to this musical is the journey of the characters to realize their purpose in life only to come to the conclusion that life is not as easy as we envision it to be. That being a real person, an adult is hard. Though life is filled with the messiness in growing up it is okay to mess up and live and learn. This troubling thought of who you aspire to be when you grow up is a topic that everyone could relate to. Especially a college senior with two months left of college…

The wall in the back says “CREATE”. If you have a permanent marker you can write your own words on the wall.

They sang this song in the beginning of the musical when all of the characters are complaining about their adult life. Unemployed, broke, getting old, single, being Gary Coleman.

Optical Illusion Sculptures by Rafael Barrios

From a distance the sculptures look three-dimensional. A couple of floating boxes.

But actually the sculptures are just two-dimensional sheets of metal painted to create the illusion of three-dimension. What fun!

NYC is simply amazing. What a city!


One thought on “I <3 NY

  1. t.on.air says:

    Your top fav about NYC could be mine! Thanks for posting.

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