Take Me Down to Chinatown

You can find practically anything you want in NYC’s Chinatown. A neighborhood of rich culture, exotic foods, and an array of meals for under $6. What is there not to like about Chinatown?

Xi’an Famous Foods 

Spicy and Tingly Beef Hand-Ripped Noodles and Concubine's Chicken Hand-Ripped Noodles

Oh the food! The food in Chinatown is just so delicious, made fresh, and the number one thing cheap. Joyce and I decided to stop in Xi’an Famous Foods for some noodles. I got the Spicy & Tingly Beef Hand-Ripped Noodles, and Joyce got the Concubine’s Chicken Hand-Ripped Noodles. The noodles were made fresh at the restaurant.through a vigorous beating process that makes the noodles chewy and soft. Not like your average noodles at all. The slight elasticity of the noodles was an excellent surprise. The Spicy and Tingly sauce was definitely spiced and tingled my senses maybe even a little too much. A slow build-up of heat until my taste buds were on fire.

Sun Ming Jan – Chinese Sausage Store

Chinese sausage

A Chinese sausage store where they hand make their own Chinese sausages. The entire place oozed with the color red, and smelled like the aromatic smell of sweet and heavenly seasonings of meats. It can be compared to the Italian pancetta. Chinese sausage galore.

Grocery Markets and Stores

street fruit vendors - dragon fruit and guava

Street vendors selling an array of fruit is not an uncommon site in Chinatown. Exotic fruits like dragon fruit, rambutan, guava, durian, mango, and so much more. Oh the colors, the shapes, and the textures of all these fruits were fun to look at especially if you’ve never seen these fruits before.

fish market

So much cheap seafood. The variety and freshness of the fish cannot be beat. There was even a fish who was still breathing and another flopping around on the tray being displayed for customers to buy. I don’t think PETA would be too happy about this…

Street View

taken in my 2011 trip to NYC -smaller streets in Chinatown

The streets of Chinatown are small and narrow. Both cars and pedestrians wander the streets. The sidewalks lined with tables of goodies to see and buy make it so only a single person can pass on the sidewalk at a time pushing people to walk on the streets out of convenience. The buildings with fire escapes, all the Chinese characters, different dialects of Chinese being shouted across the street really give NYC Chinatown a genuine, authentic atmosphere.

Terrible Traffic

note the motorcyclist in the middle

Doesn’t this look like a traffic accident is about to happen? That somebody somewhere will push the accelerator and ram into another car? Well thankfully a traffic accident did not happen just a bunch of congestion. Poor motorcyclist…

Dragons in the Park

The colorful dragons flying around in the park are made out of recycled materials like water bottles and plastic bags. An environmentally friendly way to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Dragon Beard Candy

the fuzzy quality reminds me of cotton candy

Dragon Beard Candy is an ancient Chinese candy described as being rich and sweet in flavor in the shape of a white cocoon. In the center is a chewy peanut butter, coconut filling. It is extremely hard to eat this without eating it in one bite, because the powdered sugar goes everywhere. This was an interesting texture like cotton candy. The overload of sugar was a little too much for my taste, but I’m sure this will satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth.



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