Moseying Around the MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is definitely quite the spectacle in an odd way. One needs to be open when walking through keeping this one question in mind: “How the heck did this get into MoMA when it looks like a 5 year old can reproduce that?”. Well if it made it into MoMA and millions of people are rushing in to see it I guess that means it’s art. Scribbles on paper, lines on canvas, splotches of paint on fabric. If MoMA says this is art I suppose it is…

Highlights from MoMA


My favorite collection was a set of large paintings of Water Lilies by Monet. I am a big fan of impressionism especially the works of Monet. The surreal landscapes, the blending of colors, the sense of peace and serenity. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the Monet paintings, but I pulled some pictures off of the MoMA website.

Chair with Food Tray

Chair with Food Tray is not it’s actual name. I forgot to note the name of this piece when I was actually at the MoMA, and it is unknown online. I thought that this was pretty cool. A chair attached to the wall with a tray of food. Sounds like my kind of sideways meal!

Compact Object by Natsuyuki Nakanishi

A plastic egg with bones, watch and clock parts, bead necklace, hair, eggshells, lens, and other manufactured objects. An I SPY in solid form. Now where are those bones? Or that hair?

Fun Picture Angles

While walking to an exhibit we saw these set of stairs far away through the glass window, and thought it would be fun to find those stairs are and take a picture on it. Well that’s exactly what we did. Hello from over there!

Magic Bullet by General Idea

This exhibition was interactive and quite fun. Reminded me of the Silver Clouds exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum. The silver balloons the shape of pills were inflated with just the right amount of helium to float to the ceiling, but just enough so that the balloons would float down when a little helium is lost like a deflating balloon. Occasionally you would get waves of these bullet or pill shaped balloons float down from the ceiling. We all decided to take one as a souvenir.

letting the balloon go

Balloons are fun the minute you get them, but then afterwards they lose their “fun” factor. We decided to drop our balloons from the fifth floor of the MoMA, so they would float down to the first floor like a present sent from the heavens. Mysterious balloons descending from the sky out of no where to the unsuspecting museum goers down below.

goodbye balloon

in awe of the balloon that appeared out of nowhere

It was quite fun watching people’s reactions to the balloons. Some people picked it up and looked up to see where it came from. We waved at the man in the picture who picked up our a balloon, and he waved back. He then proceeded to call over his friend who looked up to see our happy smiling faces waving at him, and he waved back. Others tried to toss the balloon back up in the air. One man did this for a couple of minutes failing at his attempt to send the balloon back where it came from.

did you find our balloon?

We made our way down to the first floor to check out the outdoor exhibits. I saw a lady holding a silver balloon. Could she be the lucky winner who happened to come across our floating balloon? Maybe…

Dropping the balloons from the fifth floor of MoMA was what we would call the second part of the Magic Bullet exhibit. The interactive one that involves the curious sport of people watching.


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