Missed Travels

My friend and I have the worst luck with traveling. Currently I am at a Barnes & Noble as I am writing this after missing my bus to Pittsburgh to visit my friend, the same friend whose bad luck with traveling is intertwined with mine. Here are the various times where I almost or actually did miss my travelling plans.

Champaigne, IL –> Chicago, IL 

Adventures at U of I with Rekha

This was the very first time where I missed my travel plans. I was traveling with my fellow bad luck travelling buddy. It was Spring Break 2009 my freshman year at college, and both my friend and I went home for Spring Break. We decided to visit our friends who go to University of Illinois at Champaigne-Illinois. It was going to be a fun trip especially since  our visit  coincided with their “Unofficial Weekened”. A week of what college kids do best – party. After a fabulous weekend we were on our way to the train to return back to the city. We were already running late on the train we were suppose to take, so no use rushing and missing it. We decided to take the next train which was in a couple of hours. Then all of a sudden, because of a massive rainstorm, the power went out in the dorms. Scrambling to pack in the dark, running up and down the stairs, trying to make our train. We rushed to the train platform only to watch the train leave before our eyes. We were 1 minute late. 1 measly minute. From then on my friend and I declared that we have the worst luck with traveling.

New York City, NY –> Washington, D.C. 

The Pudding Face on the subway

Not an actual instance of missed travelling, but literally 1 minute away from missing it. Would make anyone’s heart race. It was Summer 2011, and I was trying to get from Queens to Manhattan in rush hour period. The traffic in NYC is just terrible. A ride on the train would have taken probably 25 minutes max, but with all my luggage with me that was not an option. We sat in the taxi in traffic that didn’t seem to move for about 45 minutes. Vamoose buses usually leave on time, and with a block away from the bus it was time for the bus to leave. I was convinced that I was going to miss my bus. Another missed travel plan confirming my bad luck fate with traveling. As we sat in the bus we saw the bus about to pull out. My friend gets out of the taxi, and he runs after the bus telling the bus attendant standing outside the bus to wait for me while I hurriedly grab all of my luggage and run to the bus. I was the very last person to get on the bus. Made it with no time to spare.

Washington, DC –> Pittsburgh, PA 

Pittsburgh Visit 2010 - Surprise Visit for Rekha's 21st

I am going to visit my friend the same friend whose bad luck in travelling is intertwined with mine. It’s President’s Day weekend, and that means long weekend with no school on Monday. I checked my email, and I get an email from Megabus saying that they have changed the bus stop to 11th and Pennsylvania Avenue, because of an event going on. I automatically assume that is the DC stop knowing that there is an 11th and Pennsylvania Avenue here in DC. And with everything going on in DC I don’t think much of it. Come the morning of my bus, and I get to 11th and Penn. Ave., and I don’t see my bus. I freak out thinking I read the email wrong. I anxiously called the Megabus company, and they tell me the changed bus stop is for the Pittsburgh stop not the DC stop. I felt so silly.

The most amusing part of my missed bus to Pittsburgh is that same friend who I am trying to visit tried to visit me several weeks ago and missed her bus, because of a car accident that stalled her transportation to the Megabus stop. We just can’t seem to get our travel plans together.

Missed a bus, missed a train. Cross my fingers I never miss a plane.


One thought on “Missed Travels

  1. RV says:

    Sadly your fellow bad luck travel buddy has missed a bus, missed a train, and also missed a plane!

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