Mai Thai

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! I spent my Valentine’s Day with my dear friend Judy and my roommate Angel. I was telling Judy how very silly the American version of Valentine’s Day is. A day hyped up by Hallmark. A day of mandatory balloons, of teddy bears, of flowers, of cards. I’m not saying that I don’t believe that Valentine’s Day is special, because it is indeed a special day. But why should there be one special day dedicated to love when everyday should be a celebration of love, of friendship, of family. Instead of having Hallmark remind us on February 14th, just one day a year, we should appreciate those around us 365 days a year. Not that we should be giving gifts 365 days a year, imagine all that pressure to give something new everyday, but just remembering that we shouldn’t take people for granted. That the relationships we have with others is something to be truly valued and treasured.

Judy and I went to Mai Thai in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. for our Valentine’s day dinner. It was pretty packed with couples, with friends sharing a meal at the Thai restaurant.

Mai Thai 

3251 Prospect St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Check out the Menu!

Salmon Avocado Roll

The place was decked out with Valentine’s Day decor. With the moody lighting it was perfect spot for a nice dinner. Judy got a Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll before our entrees. Picture taken after 3 pieces were already eaten. Whoops! I got a tasting of the sushi. It was really delicious, but my only complaint is that there was a lot of avocado and not enough salmon. Look at the chunk of avocado in each piece!

Beef Pad Thai

I’ve been to Mai Thai numerous time before, and I always go for their Pad Thai. You cannot go wrong with their Pad Thai. It is just perfectly made. I decided to go for the beef instead of the chicken, because I usually get the chicken. The beef was a little tough. It could have been more tender. Other than that the Pad Thai was delicious!

Judy got the Drunken Noodles. She really enjoyed it saying that it was the perfect level of spiciness.

Mai Thai formerly Bankok Bistro never disappoints. What a delicious Valentine’s Day Dinner with the best dinner date ever.

Stars – 4/5

Not food related, but a very amusing story about something that happened with me and Angel, my roommate. The day before Valentine’s Day Angel and I decided to exchange flowers. She specifically wanted mums, and I wanted a potted plant specifically potted daffodils. I do like cut flowers, but after a week they wilt on you. I want something that lasts longer. Whose beauty and life can be enjoyed for weeks and months.

Angel's mums I got her

We didn’t have a vase, so we put the mums in wine bottles. They look very natural that way.

On Valentine’s Day Angel came back to the apartment, and saw my bouquet of mums I got her sitting on the dinner table. She came into our room, and this is how the conversation went.

Angel – “THANK YOU so much for the chrysanthemums, but I thought we were just kidding about the flower exchange.”

Me – “Well  I was serious…” and I start laughing ridiculously cause it’s so amusing

Apparently the reason why Angel thought I was kidding was because I asked for a potted plant. harharhar! Nothing wrong with potted plants. They are flowers too, and totally Valentine’s Day appropriate.

Oh Valentine’s Day. It twas a wonderful day for the appreciation of those special and dear to me.


2 thoughts on “Mai Thai

  1. Such a small portion of sushi, sad day! I would be STARVING after that, ah ha ha!

    Happy Valentine’s Day… one day late! 😛

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