Cafe La Ruche

A bright and early Sunday morning when the weather is finally starting to feel like winter. It reminds me of Chicago minus the freezing wind chill. Patches of snow painted the ground. The sun is shining, but don’t let that fool you it is still very cold outside. Sunny and cold. My kind of winter weather.

I went to grab brunch with my friend Judy at Cafe La Ruche a French restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. A nice way to start off a Sunday morning.

Cafe La Ruche 

1039 31st St.
(at N Waters Aly)
Washington, DC 20007

Check out the Menu

the inside of the cafe

We walked in, and the place is decked out in Valentine’s Day decor. Flags from countries around the world circled the room. It was very cozy inside. Just the type of place I would want to go to for Sunday brunch.

Croque New Yorker

close up

 Croque New Yorker – Sandwich made with French toast baked with corned beef, mornay sauce, served with green salad.

I decided to go with the Croque New Yorker. It was really good. Too much cheese on top for my liking, but the corned beef was delicious. I especially enjoyed the mornay sauce that came with the sandwich. The combination of it all on French toast was too good to be true.

Judy and her Omelette Paysanne

Omelette Paysanne – Baked omelet filled with bacon, potatoes and onions.

Judy really enjoyed her omelette. I got a tasting of her omelette, and it was quite tasty. Never could go wrong with eggs.

Overall this place was the perfect spot to catch up with a friend over some brunch. Doesn’t hurt that the bread that they had was tasty too. A roll that was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. YUM! A little secret cafe away from the crowded M street. A great place to start off another busy busy week.

Stars 4/5


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