Whole Foods – Salad by the Pound

First day at the George Washington University Hospital Intensive Care Unit for my nursing practicum. Nursing practicum is the equivalent of a senior year internship.”It’s a beautiful day to save lives” as McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy would say. After my day shift at the GWICU from 7AM-7PM I stopped by Whole Foods for a salad. I decided I’ve been eating way too many carby foods these last couple of days and needed some green in me. Whole Foods offered salad by the pound, and there were so many delicious options for salads.

Whole Food Salad

So fresh and delicious. All natural, organic salad from Whole Foods. I added some rice to the left side. YUM! My favorite was the  beets and onions with vinaigrette dressing. After spending 12 hours at the hospital this was perfect.

Whole Foods version of a Three Buck Chuck

Picked this up as I was walking to the register to pay for my salad. Whole Foods now sells $3 bottles of wine just like Trader Joe’s. The selection sadly isn’t as vast. Going to open this up sometime soon. For now I have to go do some schoolwork before heading to sleep early again. Well not exactly early, because I am an early to bed early to rise type of gal. Mornings are just my favorite time of day. Nothing like waking up early and getting pumped up for what the day may bring.

Practicum again tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to go back, because tomorrow will be another amazing day to save or help save lives.


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