Firehook Bakery and Coffee House

My cousin gave me the wonderful idea of having two types of blog posts. One longer blog post to actually review a place, and another short and sweet blog post about the grab and go foods I get or the meals I make. A simpler, but still quite Carmen kind of post. Here goes the first Foodify Me short and sweet.

I was walking to the Georgetown University Shuttle Bus (GUTS) in Dupont Circle from my internship, and I decided to stop by Firehook for a cookie. The GUTS wasn’t going to arrive for another 15 minutes. Waiting for the bus outside when it is cold and drizzly is simply the worst. Stopping in Firehook for a cookie was the best idea ever.

Firehook Bakery and Coffee House 

1909 Q St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Sweet Dreams Cookie

I forgot to take a picture. Picture stolen from elsewhere.

This cookie was the size of my face. Perhaps like 3 regular sized cookies combined into one.  The Sweet Dreams Cookie was a chocolate chip cookie with a touch of cinammon, ginger, walnuts, and a confectioner’s sugar glaze. It was delicious!  The combination of ginger and chocolate chips was fantastic.

I know that if I eat too much sugary foods I get a headache and a stomach ache, but this massive cookie was just too much to resist. While waiting for the GUTS I devoured the entire thing on my own. In the life of a Cookie Monster…

C is for Cookies for Carmen!


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