Moby Dick House of Kabob

I’ve always been a fan of this casual eatery located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. My first time here 3 years ago there were only about four tables for dining in. Now Moby Dick has expanded with an entirely new area for dining in making it easier to score a table. Hooray for Persian food.

Moby Dick House of Kabob 

1070 31st St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Take a look at their Menu.

Joyce is visiting this DC weekend. If you have read my previous post you might have seen Joyce in them. I decided to take her here for her to try out the delicious Persian food.

Since there was four of us eating we decided to get the Family Platter #1.

Platter #1 – 3 skewers ground beef, 1 skewer chicken breast, 1 skewer lamb, and choice of 2 appetizers

Pita and yogurt sauce

I really enjoyed the yogurt sauce. The yogurt sauce went with about everything. The meats, the rice, the pita. It was just the right amount of tanginess and smoothness. The pita on the other hand was a little too hard for my taste. I would have liked the pita to be a bit softer instead of more cracker-like.

stuffed grape leaves

This was one of my favorite part of this meal. I’ve had grape leaves before, and it was definitely not as delicious as these. The filling on the inside was flavorful, and the leaves were well seasoned and not rough at all. I really liked this. Perhaps next time I will order just a side appetizer of the stuffed grape leaves.

Kashk-o Bademjan - Eggplant appetizer

As unappetizing as this dish may look it was good. It is a mixture of sautéed eggplant, grilled onion, garlic and boiled yogurt. My only complaint was that the eggplants were not very finely chopped, so it was a bit hard to scoop just a small amount onto a piece of pita.

Family Platter #1

Oh YUM! The family platter was delicious! The meats were all flavorful including the ground beef, chicken, and lamb. I am a huge fan of their rice. I don’t know what kind of rice they use, but it was so good. I could taste each and every single grain of rice. My favorite of the meats was the  chicken. Usually chicken doesn’t hold much flavor unless you marinate it and cook it well. This chicken had such a unique taste and grilling it really locked in the flavors. Not dry at all!

Overall this place is really good for cheap, casual Middle Easter/Persian food. Especially when you bring a big group and get family styled platters to share!

Declan is such a beastly eater. Too full after eating everything!

Stars 4/5


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