Triple Crown – Dim Sum

My family and I went to Triple Crown to try out their dim sum. This restaurant recently opened offering dim sum, and word on the street is their dim sum is the best in Chinatown. Off we go to enjoy some Sunday dim sum.

Triple Crown 

2217 S Wentworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60616

outdoor entrance to Triple Crown

families enjoying dim sum

When we arrived the hostess told us there was a 20 minute wait. After taking a look at a nearby gift store we went back to the restaurant and was promptly seated. This is my first time inside Triple Crown, and the place is packed! So many families both Asian and non-Asian enjoying some dim sum on a Sunday afternoon. To accommodate all of the customers there were so many waiters, waitresses, and cart pushers. You may ask what is a cart pusher? For those who have never experienced authentic Chinese dim sum you are definitely missing out. It is a really fun experience! You should definitely give it a try.

dim sum cart pushers

dim sum cart pushers

Summary of how the Chinese dim sum experience goes. You are seated at a table and given a menu. You can order your dim sum off of a menu, but during the weekends in smaller dim sum houses or every day in larger dim sum houses you have people who push carts around displaying the dim sum plates for all to see and get. The dim sum carts stop by your table, and you tell the cart pusher which dish you want.

dim sum card to keep count of the dishes you eat. The strokes together make the "wu" character in Chinese or the number five. The Chinese way to tally.

They take the dish off the cart and place it on your table, and then mark on your dim sum card that you purchased one plate. They price the plates by the size of the dish. S, M, L, XL. The Triple Crown prices were reasonable. Small $2.75. Medium $3.40. Large $3.80. X-Large $4.75. It is really fun seeing all of the different plates of food go past your table. If you see something you like call over the cart pushers and enjoy your new dim sum dish!

These are the dim sums that my family tried. We got a total of 10 different dishes. Note the S, M, L, XL in the caption of each pictures corresponds with the size of the dim sum dish.

the delicious Chrysanthemum Tea

At most dim sum places there is complimentary tea. My sister loved the Chrysanthemum tea here. Usually the tea is premade elsewhere and poured into the individual teapots placed on each table. Here the tea is made fresh with what looks like really good tea leaves. The tea came out fragrant and sweet. My sister couldn’t get enough of it.

Beef Crepe (L)

The beef crepe here was phenomenal. The beef was soft and seasoned well. The rice crepe that is wrapped around the beef did not fall off. It was sticky enough so that the rice crepe and the beef stayed together. My sister said that the soy sauce could have been better. Overall one of the best beef crepes I ever had. This was one of my favorite of all the dim sum dishes we got today.

Steamed Bead Curd Skin with Pork (M)

I am not a really big fan of this dish, but the way the Triple Crown made it was really good. The ingredients inside the steamed bean curd skin was flavorful. The entire thing held really well together. A big problem with these types of dishes packed with ingredients is that it tends to fall apart if you attempt to take a bite.

Braised Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce (M)

I am not a fan of chicken feet. I just can’t stomach the idea of eating the skin off of chicken feet. My parents really liked it though. They said that it had really good flavor and was made really well.

Triple Crown Shrimp Dumpling (M)

I thought this was pretty good. The shrimp inside was nice and soft. The outside rice wrap was not too sticky. The dish was steamed perfectly!

Beef Tripe (S)

Tripe is made from the first three chambers of a cow’s stomach. One of those foods that your parents make you try without telling you what it is. Not a big fan of eating organs. For being an organ this is pretty tasty. Just not really my thing.

Fried Sticky Rice (L)

This is one of my favorite dishes to get when I go for dim sum, and I love how Triple Crown made it. It was so good! One of my favorite dishes today along with the beef crepe. The stick rice had the right amount of saltiness, sweetness, oiliness, and stickiness. My entire family agreed that this was exceptional.

Shrimp and Chive Dumpling (M)

Kind of looks like the Shrimp dumpling hmmm? It looks the same except that the inside is stuffed with both shrimp and chive. I thought that this was good. Nothing to rave about, but the outside rice wrap was perfect. Not too sticky.

Soy Sauce Chow Mein

Your average soy sauce chow mein. My family noted that it was less oily than most chow mein which we greatly appreciated.

Pickled Cucumbers (S)

The pickled cucumbers was a nice way to cleanse the palate before dessert. Usually eating dim sum leaves me feeling really stuffed. All that meat and carbs and fat.

Fried Water Chestnut Cake (S)

This was really good. Lightly frying it gave it a crunchy exterior. The water chest nut pieces inside gave it even more crunch. A delicious not too sweet dessert to end a dim sum meal.

The dim sum here was really good. One of the best I’ve ever had. In addition the service was attentive and quick. I counted once we finished a dish the waiter came and took the dish in 30 seconds. Our teapot was consistently filled when it was empty. The place was clean. Dim sum was consistently being rolled out on the dim sum carts.

Great dim sum. Exceptional service. Might be my new favorite dim sum place in Chinatown! Plus there’s 20% off on weekdays from 9AM-3PM for dim sum!

Stars – 5/5


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