I Love Chicago

I started this blog not so long ago. In the end of the Summer of 2011 out of boredom and a way for me to document all of my food adventures. A way for me would remember my encounters in different cities with different people. Laughing, living life, catching up over food. I grew up in Chicago, but never realized the magnificent beauty that Chicago really is till recently. Perhaps when I was younger I took it for granted that I lived in the best city in the entire world. Now that I am older and had the opportunity to see other American urban cities Chicago by far is the clear winner. A city filled with cultural neighborhoods, vast array of different cuisines without sacrificing the friendliness that other cities lack. I’m talking about NYC.

I took my friend around Millennium and Grant Park in Chicago, and it surprised me that I’ve never been to certain places in Chicago before. 21 years living in Chicago, and there were places I haven’t been to. It was shocking! My friend poked fun at me saying that she knew more about Chicago than I did. A tourist in my own city. There’s so many parts of Chicago I have yet to explore, and I want to walk and eat through every part of it. Sadly I will be returning to DC for school after three wonderful weeks of winter break in Chi-town. Away from the urban city I call my home.

BP Pedestrian Bridge

This beautiful bridge connects Millennium Park with the Daley Bicentennial Plaza. The shiny exteriors of the bridge soars above the streets allowing pedestrians to cross over to the other side of the park without encountering cars. This bridge was simply breathtaking. The entrance on the Millennium Park side is located on the right side of the Pritzker Pavillion.

Cancer Survivor Garden

The Cancer Survivor Garden was gorgeous. The strong black metal fences created contrasting shadows against the winter sunshine. I am not a cancer survivor, but I could imagine that this spot would be great for reflection of, appreciation for , evaluation of life. That life is too short to not appreciate the small wonders that life brings.

Bare trees were painted red and yellow

Chicago you will be missed. See you in May. 

Joshua Radin’s song Vegetable Car. Obligatory share for my food blog. “She drives a vegetable car, diesel, Mercedes, green, two door.


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