Little Branch Cafe

A wonderful day for cafe-ing since the weather was in the 50s. Note that it is currently January, and I am in Chicago. January weather in Chicago in the 50s… that is just unheard of. One day it is too cold with the temperature dipping down into the single digits, and I isolate myself at home calling it an indoor day. And then a couple days later I walk around Chicago and see people wearing shorts and thin jackets. Chicago, you are full of surprises! Knowing that I may not get many days like this I took full advantage of it and became a tourist in my own city for the day. I had some time to kill before meeting my friend Chen at Little Branch Cafe, so I walked around downtown Chicago.

taken from the Art Institute balcony - Chicago skyline

The Art Institute is having free weekday admission for Illinois residents till February 4. Went to the Art institute and walked around for a bit. Apparently this outdoor sculpture absorbs sunlight during the daytime. During the nighttime the bronze sphere in the middle glows with the same radiance and color as the moon. I was a little disappointed, not with the exhibit, but that they changed the outdoor exhibit. I was here last summer and the exhibit was marvelous. It looked like this…

in the world of Dr. Seuss

The floor and walls covered with a rainbow of colors creating what I would think the world of Dr. Seuss would look like. It was mystifying. Exhilarating to be in. I was sad to find out that that exhibit was no longer there.

Gardens in Millennium Park

I walked around Millennium Park and came to the conclusion that the plants and greenery look very sad in the winter time. No longer green. No longer flowering. A sort of peaceful solitude about the winter. A stark difference from my world of Dr. Seuss  picture for sure.

Now on my way to Little Branch Cafe located in Near Southside to meet my friend Chen for a late lunch.

Little Branch Cafe

1251 S Prairie Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

Menu here –!food

The cafe was nestled in a neighborhood of brand new modern looking townhouses. The inside of the cafe was extremely warm and cozy. Take a look!

inside of Little Branch Cafe

taken from Yelp

The glass walls were really great. The simplistic decor was refreshing. I ordered the daily Turkey and Tomato Strada. What is strada you ask? Very good question. I didn’t know what it was either. The lady behind the counter told me it’s like a bread with the ingredients baked inside.

Strada with Spinach Salad

Close up of the Strada

Well the strada definitely tasted a lot more moist than I expected. I looked it up online, and it is bread cubes baked with eggs, cheese and other ingredients such as tomatoes, turkey, and bacon. Basically a quiche made with bread. First time having a strada, and it was good. The bread part was moist. The top part with the cheese went really well with the bottom bread part. The salad was also really good too. The ingredients all tasted really fresh.

When I went here I noticed some people had laptops and work with them. Might be my new go to work spot in Chicago. The very minimal and sleek atmosphere and good food is definitely a plus. The only complaint is that the food is a bit over priced for a normal cafe.  Little Branch Cafe made for a really good ending to my outdoor touring of Chicago.

Stars – 4/5


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