Sabor Express

Sabor Express, advertised as fast, casual, Brazilian Cuisine. Fast and casual it was and may I add also very delicious! As a college student I am always on the lookout for cheap, good eateries that are not a hole in the wall. Sabor Express fit the bill.

Sabor Express

1230 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60607

Check out the very affordable food options at Sabor Express at their online menu. And gawk at the food pictures they have!

I came here with my friend Chris. After looking on Yelp and reading fairly positive reviews about this place and having never eaten Brazilian food before I was excited. Excited for a Brazilian food adventure.

inside of Sabor Express. picture taken from Yelp

We walked inside, and the place is tastefully decorated. A huge picture of parrots on one wall and another wall a Brazilian landscape. The cultural decor really adds to the atmosphere. Though it may be a fast and casual eatery the decor says otherwise.

Sampler Platter and Brazilian Sausage with Beans and Rice. Sample platter - starting from the left Coxinha, Steak Kibe, Egg Kibe, 3 Pasteis, and Risoli hidden in between the Pastei

Steak Kibe in the front and Coxinha in the back

We decided on the Sampler Platter and Brazillian Sausage with Beans and Rice.

The Sampler Platter consisted of a risoli, coxinha, egg kibe, steak kibe, chicken pastei, steak pastei, cheese pastei, and friend bananas. Whew… that is a lot of food. Now what are these strange foods you ask? Description por favor!

Risolis – Fried crescent shaped pastry with ground beef, peas, and mozzarella cheese

Coxinha – Shredded chicken breast in a tear-drop shaped fried pastry

Egg Kibe – Tendered seasoned chopped steak with a whole egg in the center

Steak Kibe  – Tendered seasoned chopped steak

Chicken Pastei – Like a fried empanada stuffed with chicken, corn, garlic

Steak Pastei – Like a fried empanada stuffed with sirloin pieces, green onions, garlic, olives

Cheese Pastei – Like a fried empanada stuffed with imported mozzarella

Fried Banana – Self explanatory

Everything was so good. The Pasteis tasted just like a fried empanada. I prefer a baked empanada, but the pasteis had such great flavor. All of the fillings were excellent especially the chicken. The Egg Kibe was very interesting. An entire egg surrounded by tendered seasoned chopped steak. Delicious! The egg and steak went really well together surprisingly. My favorite out of everything would be the Coxinha. I was not such a big fan of the fried banana. It was extremely sweet, but the texture of a mushy banana was all wrong. Fried plantains are the way to go! Plantains seem to have a firmer and more solid texture compared to bananas.

All this food for me?

Chris confused about what to do with all this food. Eat it of course!

Pictured in the photo with me and all of the food is the Brazilian Sausage with Rice and Beans platter. The Sausage was very interesting in a good way. A bit on the sweet side with a beautiful crunch from the casing. It was grilled to perfection with a wonderful smokiness. The rice was a bit on the salty side, but the texture of the rice was really great. I was able to taste each and every grain which I liked. The beans were okay. A bit on the salty side as well. I really enjoyed the grilled pineapple that came with the platter. Grilled and dusted with cinnamon. Although I am slightly sensitive to fresh pineapple (it makes my tongue itch) I still eat it, because it is just so good.

All of this food to eat, but sadly in the battle between food vs. man we lost. We had some food left over and boxed it to go.  I really like this place a lot. The food was good. The price was more than great for the amount that you get. And the atmosphere for such a casual place is beautiful. Will definitely come back again!

Stars – 4/5


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