Sushi Para M

Sushi Para M one of the many Sushi Paras in Chicago. This one located in Wicker Park on Milwaukee Ave. My friends and I had a debate why this would be called Sushi Para M. I think the M stands for Milwaukee. Sushi Para on Milwaukee Avenue.

Sushi Para M 

1633 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

We came here for NYE dinner. One of the really great things about Sushi Para is that is BYOB. How awesome is that? No corkage fee either.  I am a huge fan of BYOB. Bring your own wine, bring your own sake, and drink and eat and be merry. I have went to other Sushi Paras before. Actually NYE last year I was at at Sushi Para (Sushi Para II), but this one in Lincoln Park. Must be a tradition then? Sushi Para for NYE dinner.

my sushi

all done! hmm... bit of a messy eater

Maybe it is just Sushi Para M, but I thought the sushi was a little underwhelming. I ordered the Alaskan Roll, Salmon Roll, and Philadelphia Roll.The fish didn’t taste too fresh. Too much rice in the sushi rolls. The plating of the sushi was beautiful though. I remember Sushi Para being a lot better. Perhaps Sushi Para II is better. The sushi was forgettable. Nothing really great about it. I really liked their spicy mayonnaise sauce. The orange cream colored sauce located on the top left in my picture. The sauce was delicious! Whenever I eat sushi I always like to get the spicy mayonnaise sauce on the side to dip my sushi in.

Some of my friends got the sushi buffet. For $18.99, an all you can eat sushi buffet is a pretty good deal. I have done the sushi buffet at Sushi Para II before, and if you are up for the challenge of stuffing your mouth and stomach with as much sushi as you can it’s a pretty good deal. Last NYE my friends and I did sushi buffet ate so much that we got a headache and had to take a walk around the neighborhood before getting back into the car.

How the sushi buffet works is that you order off of a menu. As many rolls, nigiris, and appetizers as you want, but you have to finish it all. You don’t have to order all of the sushi at once. After the first round the waiter asks if you want more sushi and you can order again. If you grab a group of friends to do sushi buffet you can order together and help each other out in terms of eating all the sushi. Trust me the help is needed. After maybe two rounds of sushi ordering with three pieces of sushi left on the platter you will be doing whatever it takes to convince your friends to eat it, because you will simply be TOO full, food coma-ed, food babied.

We noticed when you get the sushi buffet they add extra rice to the rolls in hopes of stuffing you so you won’t order more. If you stick with the nigiri and the rolls that have lots of raw fish in it I think it’s a pretty good deal! When we do sushi buffet we try to stay away from tempura or cream cheese filled rolls, because that will fill you up quick. It’s really fun especially if you haven’t tried a lot of rolls before. Grab some friends, do sushi buffet, and try all different kinds of rolls. As for me I don’t see myself doing sushi buffet anytime soon. Too much food. Too overwhelming of a task. But it is really fun!

Green Tea Mochi

For dessert we ordered the green tea mochi. It was so pretty. They cut the mochi up into four pieces like a four leaf clover, put some whip cream in the center, and drizzle chocolate syrup on top.  It was your typical mochi, but after eating sushi mochi was the perfect desert!

Overall Sushi Para M was okay. If it wasn’t for the BYOB or sushi buffet I probably wouldn’t go here.

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! May 2012 be bigger and better than 2011. To a very food filled, delicious new year!

Stars – 3/5


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