Walnut Room

There is nothing quite like going to the Walnut Room during the Holiday Season. Located on the 7th floor of the Macy’s on State Street it is intricately decorated with Christmas decorations with towering lighted Christmas trees located in the middle of the floor. Will put even the Grinch in the Christmas mood.

Walnut Room 

111 N State St
Chicago, IL 60602

I came here with Rekha after Christmas shopping on State street in Chicago. The wait time to get a table at the Walnut Room is kind of ridiculous. Perhaps it is the Holiday Season, and everyone wants to dine here. I arrived at 2:30PM, and they told me that the earliest reservation would be at 5:00PM. That was totally fine with me, because we were planning on doing some shopping anyways. Reserve table, shop (till we drop), and then dinner at the Walnut Room. I reserved a table for 5:30PM, giving us plenty of time to get all of our Christmas shopping done. They gave me a pager that would let me know when our table would be ready.

Rekha and I went on our merry way shopping around State Street. All the stores were having pretty good sales especially Macy’s. When we were at H&M at 4:30PM my purse started buzzing. I checked my coat pocket, and my cell phone was in my pocket so I it couldn’t be that. Then I had a mental freak out! Did someone toss a secret cell phone into my purse? Was I part of some sketchy plan out of a Borne movie? I reached around in my purse, and saw that it was the pager from Walnut Room. Our table was ready for us 1 hour early.

We headed to the Walnut Room, and waited in line for about 10 minutes. We were seated promptly at a table next to the window overlooking State Street from the 7th floor of Macy’s. The view was incredible. We faced a office building with people still working, and we felt sorry for them. Sorry for their monotonous office life. Sorry for their grueling long hours. Sorry for a job that to us seemed unfulfilling.

Rekha and her Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast – hot apple cider, amaretto, whipped cream and a cinnamon and sugar rim

Rekha started off with drink, the Cinnamon Toast. I had a sip, and it was really good. Tasted very much like a grown up hot apple cider.

Chicken Pot Pie

Mrs. Hering’s 1890 Original Chicken Pot Pie – our signature dish newly updated with even fresher ingredients and a hand finished crust served with a salad of mixed greens

For my entree I ordered the Famous Original Pot Pie. It was good, but not great. The top crust of the pot pie was perfectly done. Flaky, crunchy, but still soft. The thing that I didn’t really like about this pie was the actual inside. It was too soupy for my taste. I like the inner part of my chicken pot pies more dense. Perhaps some type of starch like potatoes or something on the inside would have made in less liquidy. They really delivered on their promise of “fresher ingredients”. The chicken was tender, and the vegetable (peas, carrots) were fresh.  It was very flavorful, but the consistency just didn’t cut it for me. The salad on the side was nothing to rave about. Just your average mixed greens with a vinaigrette dressing.

Asiago Crusted Chicken Breast

Asiago Crusted Chicken Breast – with creamy mustard sauce served with chive whipped potatoes and fresh vegetables

Rekha ordered the Asiago Crusted Chicken Breast. I had a bit of her dish. The chicken was just perfect. The outside crunchy, and the inside moist and juicy. The creamy mustard sauce went really well with the chicken. The whipped potatoes was whipped to perfection and seasoned with chive. Everything in her dish went really well together!

Holiday Yule Log

Holiday Yule Log – chocolate filled vanilla cake covered with bittersweet chocolate icing

And of course wouldn’t be a complete meal without dessert. We decided to go with the Holiday Yule Log. The Holiday Yule Log was okay. We both decided that the best part of the dessert was the chocolate frosting and the white icing on the sides. The cake tasted pretty bland almost like grocery store bought.

The best part of the dining experience at the Walnut Room were the princesses that went around the room granting customers their ultimate wish. Of course they aren’t real princesses (though that just be fantabulous). Ladies dressed in ball gowns carried with them a wand and a pot of glitter.

Princess – What is your name?

Me – Carmen

Princess – Carmen, do you have a wish? If so make your wish now.

Me – “Closing my eyes and making my ultimate wish”

Princess – With my wand your wish is granted. “Circles her wand around my head and sprinkles glittery dust”

Me – Thank you princess!

Christmas trees in the middle

The food was just average, but you pay for the experience. Being in Macy’s on the 7th floor in a Christmas atmosphere really brings out the holiday spirit in you. The Christmas trees in the middle, the warm moody lighting, the Princesses circling the room with their glitter and wand, overlooking downtown Chicago – Welcome back home Carmen!

Stars – 3/5


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