Beard’s Papa Cream Puffs

Came here for the first time over the summer, but I came back again after a volunteer gift wrapping shift with Ray. These cream puffs are just so delicious. Freshly puffed cream puffs!

Beard’s Papa Cream Puffs 

108 N State St
Chicago, IL 60602

my Strawberry and Cream Puff Pastry. Ommm....

Puff Pastry - Ray dunking his cookies in his milk in the background

I decided to get the original cream puff with Strawberry and Cream filling. They make it fresh for you at the cafe. The puff pastries are already made, but they fill it with your desired cream filling when you get it. They attach your cream puff to this little puff filler, and then press down on the lever and the perfect amount of cream is pumped into your cream puff. The Strawberry and Cream filling was so fresh. It even had chunks of strawberries inside!

Ray and his cookies and milk. He is so happy!

Ray went with the cookies and milk special. What better treat than chocolate cookies and cup of ice cold milk? The cookies were delicious! The center moist and chewy and the outside crunchy. Dunked in the milk with just the right amount of saturation, yum-O!

(Un)fortuantely there were no more adult tables and chairs left, so what was left was the little kid chairs and table. Perfectly fine with me. No problem there! Don’t we all want to be a kid again, and sit at those little teeny tiny tables. It felt really funny watching Ray eat his cookies and milk sitting in a chair that is too small and a table that came up to his knees. Reminiscing about our childhoods eating our baked goods at  Beard’s Papa.

While shopping at Macy’s the other day this guy in his later 20s or early 30s was talking to his friend and exclaimed

“I feel like such a kid right now. Don’t you just want to be a child again? When you are a child you want to grow up so badly. But now that you are grown all you want to do is be a child again.” 

Eating my puff pastry at the kid’s table reminded me how much I want to be a kid again. Where all you had to think about was what fun things await for you the next day. A no worry, carefree life.

Stars – 5/5


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