China One Taco House

How can a restaurant serve both Chinese and Mexican food under the same roof? Well China One Taco House does. Now Chinese and Mexican foods don’t really mesh well together. I can understand Chinese and Vietnamese or Mexican and Portuguese because they are under similar categories of foods. Now Chinese and Mexican? Totally makes me question the authenticity and quality of China One Taco House’s dishes.

China One Taco House

4420 48th Ave
Woodside, NY 11377

(Un)fortunately we did not get to try the Mexican foods. I would be quite skeptical and highly doubtful about the taste of the Mexican foods knowing that China One Taco House is run by Chinese people. Not saying that Chinese can’t cook Mexican food just that when there are so many better Mexican options out there why would you want to get Mexican food at a Chinese restaurant. That is like asking for pizza at a Mexican restaurant. Out of place. Bizarre. Just plain weird.

Chicken and Eggplant, Twice Cooked Pork

We did try the Chinese takeout, and there was nothing really spectacular about the Chinese takeout. I got the Chicken and Eggplant, and David got the Twice Cooked Pork. The Chicken and Eggplant was quite flavorful. The Twice Cooked Pork could have been better.

David – “Twice is one more than the number of times I will be ordering the Twice Cooked Pork“.

Perhaps if they specialized in one cuisine rather two than both the dishes would have been better. The portions were huge, but how much Chinese takeout can you really eat without feeling sick to the stomach. Perhaps it’s all the high fat or abundance of MSG.

For the price China One Taco House Chinese takeout is okay. Wouldn’t say that it is anything quite exciting or a place to really rave about. But the name of the place and the concept of Chinese and Mexican food together under the same roof is something to be intrigued about.

Stars – 2/5


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