Il Canale

I went here for an end of the year dinner with my very good friend J.S.. We have this tradition where we have end of the semester dinners together. Reflect, laugh, joke, make fun of each other.  We decided to pick a restaurant on the fancier side, and Il Canale was a good choice.

Il Canale

1063 31st St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Il Canale is an Italian restaurant known for their pizza. I made a reservation beforehand, and upon arrival we were immediately seated. To my surprise when I walked inside the restaurant there were sample pizza slices right next to the entrance. For guests who are waiting to be seated they can enjoy a sample slice of their delicious pizza. What a treat!

No need to browse through the menus, because us foodies already knew what we wanted. J.S. ordered the Spinaci salad with chicken (because she always orders salads wherever we go), and I got the Margherita pizza. Yelpers were raving about their pizza, and since it is their specialty I just had to try their pizza.

Margherita Pizza

The pizza was really good! Reminded me of NYC styled thin crust pizza. My fave! Since I’m from Chicago I clearly have to root for the Chicago style deep dish, but secretly deep inside I am a huge fan of the NYC styled thin crust pizza. This pizza was great. The ingredients tasted really fresh. The dough was just the right amount of chewiness and crunchiness. The sauce soaked right through the thin crust dough really giving it lots of flavor. The one problem that I had was that the mozzarella kept falling off. Perhaps more mozzarella on the pizza would do the trick. Can’t go wrong with more cheese no?

The thing that I also really loved was the olive oil that came with the complimentary bread. I am a huge fan of garlic. Garlic breath not so much, but garlic powder, garlic chunks, garlic anything give me.  Soft garlic chunks soaked in olive oil. They were just so delicious.

Spinaci Salad

Got a tasting of J.S.’s Spinaci salad. It was all so fresh, and came with a flavorful dressing. J.S. really enjoyed her salad.

For an Italian restaurant this place has a very modern feel. The furniture was all very modern. Quite different from say Filomena with the traditional Italian atmosphere. The pizza was very fresh, the ambiance  modern, and overall a good place to celebrate any special occasion in my case the end of my very last Fall semester at Georgetown.

Stars – 4/5


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