Leopold’s Kafe – Food Update

I did a blog post about Leopold’s Kafe not too long ago, but this time I actually got the food and it was delicious. Very classic, clean, simple dishes that were not overpowering with too much flavors or too much grease. Just a very balanced taste. Very European.

Leopold’s Kafe

3318 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007

I got the Thunfischsalat Nicoise. Whew. Try saying that over and over again. Oh German…

Thunfischsalat Nicoise

Thunfischsalat Nicoise – Tuna nicoise salad, roasted tomato, string beans, herb tapenade dressing

The salad was good. It was layered so it almost looked like a pastry. The tuna on the bottom, tomato in the middle, and the string beans on top. Everything tasted so fresh.

David got the Miesmuscheln.

what a feast!

Miemuscheln – Mussels, white wine and parsley broth, cured tomatoes, herb frites.

It looked so delicious, and there was just so much food. He said that the mussels were very good. I dipped some bread into the white wine and parsley broth and the sauce was just so fragrant and aromatic. The frites were very good. I definitely liked how everything came with an orange colored decoration to fit the orange theme Leopold’s Kafe had going on.

We also got some complimentary bread with our entrees. The bread here is one of the best! It was just so soft with the right about of crunchiness and butteriness on the outside. The one thing that was not so great was the butter. The butter came in butter balls, but not at room temperature. The butter was hard to spread, because it was so hard. Hopefully putting it by the candle helped the butter melt a bit.

Of course we had to get dessert here, because the dessert at Leopold’s Kafe is just one of the best. David got the Karamell-Grey which I talked about in my other Leopold’s Kafe blogpost. This time around the Karamell-Grey seemed to be lacking in Earl Grey Tea flavor. Perhaps there was too much chocolate and not enough Early Grey Tea, so that the chocolate overpowered the weaker Earl Grey Tea flavor? I got the Fraiser.


Fraisier – Almond cake layered with pistachio mousse and fresh strawberries.

I liked it. The pistachio mousse was really good. To my surprise about 60% of the cake were these huge giant fresh strawberries. I thought there were just going to be fresh strawberries pieces or chunks. Instead whole strawberries stuck inside my cake. I would have liked more cake/mousse and less strawberries. Nevertheless good. Just wished there was more cake to eat!

I am beginning to think that Leopold’s Kafe can do no wrong. The atmosphere is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and the desserts are such a treat.

Stars – 5/5


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