Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers a down to earth theme restaurant focused on sustainability. The concept is unique, a farm dynamic with an urban twist, and GREEN. Lean and mean. Mean and green.

Founding Farmers 

1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006

Some restaurants identify themselves as green, but the application of the green theme says otherwise. Founding Farmers stays true to what they say. The building is built with minimum impact on the environment with environmentally friendly lighting, heating and cooling, and water use. The tables are made with reclaimed woods, the chairs use post-consumer content fabrics. The first time I went here the waiter had the time to introduce us to the restaurant and what they were all about. The little facts about where everything came from truly added to the green feeling of the restaurant.

Seems like I am raving about the concept of Founding Farmers quite a lot. Don’t fret, because the food is simply delicious as well! My cousin and I came here on a blustery Saturday afternoon with a beastly mixture ice, snow, and rain falling from the sky. We trekked from the train station which was 15 minutes away. I can say with certainty that trek in the monstrous weather was worth it. We decided to get 2 appetizers and 1 entree to share.

corn bread served in a cast iron pan

Appetizer – Corn Bread and Fried Green Tomatoes

I have had the corn bread before and recommended that we get it so my cousin could try it. The corn bread was light pleasantly overwhelming with corn essence. There was actual corn in the corn bread. The Fried Green Tomatoes was definitely interesting. A green tomato slice fried in batter. The tomato was moist and tasted so fresh. My problem was this was that if you took a bite of the fried green tomato the fried outer part would slide right off. It was a little hard to eat, but still good.

fried green tomatoes and chicken and waffles

Entree – Chicken and Waffles

Now this was my favorite part of our lunch. The chicken was so moist and just delicious. The waffles were a bit cold, but definitely went well with the chicken. Add some of the gravy and chicken and waffle go as well together as peanut butter and jelly. Who would have thought chicken and waffles worked so well together! We got sides of macaroni and cheese and fries. The macaroni and cheese was a bit watery. I prefer more solid and thick macaroni and cheese. The fries were delicious. Perhaps it is because their fries are fresh cut. Fried to perfection where it is slightly crispy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside.

We went for lunch without a reservation and was told we had to wait 2 hours to get a table or wait around the bar to see if we could grab a seat. We decided that a 2 hour wait was ridiculous and crowded around the bar waiting for empty seats. Within 15 minutes we got two seats at the bar. My cousin and I didn’t get any drinks, but the people around us did. They looked so good! The next time I come here I have to try them out.

This place is good. The concept is good. The food is good. Just wonderful! And plus the restaurant name. Founding Farmers a play on words of Founding Fathers. What is not to love?

Stars 5/5


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