Ippudo NY

Carmen here! Greetings from NYC. The city of millions of people, of thousands of restaurants, hundreds of different train stations. A place filled with energy, life, fun, and most importantly food!

Ippudo NY 

65 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003

Ippudo NY is a Japanese Ramen Noodle House. I came here with David on a rainy Friday night. We arrived at Ippudo, and the hostess told us that the wait would be 1 to 1.5 hours. But not to worry from a Yelp review we learned that even if you come after your assigned dining time they will still seat you. Knowing this we obviously did not want to wait 1 to 1.5 hours at the crowded restaurant waiting area that also had a bar. We took advantage of our newly acquired Yelp knowledge and headed to Rubin Museum of Art: Gateway to Himalayan Art. Free admission on Friday nights. A great way to kill some time before our dinner time at Ippudo.

Arrived at Ippudo about an hour late. The hostess told us we were past our time, but said we will be seated soon. And within 5 minutes we got two counter seats right in front of the kitchen where all the magic happen. Whenever someone would get seated the waiter would yell out something in Japanese. A big, energetic hurrah. The waiters would then yell out the customers’ dishes to chefs who would loudly call out an order when it is done. An atmosphere of organized commotion, thrilling fun, and endless sounds.

We started off with the asparagus tempura like appetizer. I don’t remember the actual name of this dish nor is it listed on their website. It was really good! The freshness of the asparagus was captured inside a tempura like batter served with a side of what seemed to be tangy mayonaise sauce with soy sauce. One complaint about this was that the asparagus was hard to chew through. I only wanted half of an asparagus piece, but was left with eating the entire piece. Perhaps it would have been better if the pieces were cut a little smaller.

And of course the ramen. When you come to a Japanese Ramen Noodle Shop you have to order the ramen. You order what they are known for. We ordered two different ramens: Shiromaru Hakata Classic Ramen for me and Tori Ramen for David.

Shiromaru Hakata Classic

Shiromaru Hakata Classic    
The original “Tonkotsu” noodle soup topped with pork loin chashu, kikurage, menma, memma, red pickled ginger, sesame, and scallions

Tori Ramen    
Ippudo’s “Chintan” clear chicken and pork noodle soup topped with pork loin chashu, menma, spinach, shiso leaf & daikon radish

The ramen was flavorful with just the right amount of noodles, soup, and toppings. The Shiromaru Hakata Classic was delicious. The soup base was rich and creamy like. The pork loin chashu was tender and seemed to just melt into your mouth when you bite into it. David’s Tori Ramen was good too, but a different type of good. The soup base was a lot lighter and tasted like a chicken broth bursting with flavor. Both delicious in different ways. The noodles themselves were good, but I didn’t find them extra special. The thing that really made the ramen delicious was the soup.

This place definitely deserves the long wait for a seat (though you can always skidaddle to check out the places nearby and come back for your dining time). A ramen house packed with excitement that fills the entire place with a vibrant glow and with ramen that leaves you delightfully happy and satisfied.

Stars 5/5


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