Franks N’ Dawgs

Conny here! I was going to hold off on writing a post since Carmen already posted one today…but I can’t bear the excitement of the launch of our new blog! Why not follow up a drinks post with a food post? The other day, my friend W.C. and I decided to hit up a hot dog joint up in Lincoln Park. With its many positive reviews on Yelp, why not give it a try?

Franks N’ Dawgs

1863 N. Clybourne Ave.

Chicago, IL 60614

Now the hot dogs at Franks N’ Dawgs aren’t just your average everyday hot dogs-they’re gourmet hot dogs. Hot dogs-gourmet? The idea may seem rather silly. How could casings of sausage on a regular bun possibly be gourmet?? Well the ingredients and the price of these “dawgs” prove otherwise. Duck confit, mustard glazed pork belly, smoked gouda, and macerated grapes are some of the toppings you can find on these hot dogs here. These toppings are paired with “haute dogs” as they call it-turkey & date sausage, toasted black pepper lamb sausage, and thuringer sausage to name a few.

W.C. and I started off with a batch of their Triple Truffle Fries. My roommate J.N. tried them over the weekend at the local music festival here in Chicago, “Lollapalooza”. She really liked these fries and highly recommended that we try it out. Yelpers also raved about them and these Triple Truffle Fries were also featured on “The Food Network”. Why not!?

Yukon Gold waffle cut fries, truffle oil, truffle butter, truffle salt & freshly chopped herbs

At first glance, these looked like ordinary waffle fries. We took our first bites and looked at each other in confusion. Don’t get me wrong-these fries were good. But we just couldn’t point out what tasted different about them. What does truffle oil taste like?? Neither of us had a clue. There was a slight after taste that tasted a bit different about them. Just slightly. Perhaps that was the taste of truffle oil? Nevertheless, these were pretty tasty. I’m just not sure if I’d pay $5 again for these small order of fries that didn’t taste that much different.

Next up were our Haute Dawgs! We ordered the Tur-Doggin Dawg and Belly Up Dawg that we split and shared. The hot dog buns weren’t the regular hot dog buns we usually see. It looked and tasted more like french toast. Buttery and tasty. The Tur Doggin Dawg was absolutely delicious. The duck confit on top was really soft and tender and the pickled carrots on top added a crisp refreshing flavor. The taste reminded me a bit of “banh mi” which are Vietnamese sub sandwiches that also feature pickled carrots. I really like these sandwiches so this was a definite winner for me. The Belly Up Dawg was also delicious in a different way. The pork belly on top of the pork sausage was a nice savory touch. Tender and fatty meat on top of more meat- guilty pleasure. The mustard and fennel gave really strong flavors to the dog that I wasn’t particularly a fan of. However, the macerated grapes helped to cancel out a bit of these flavors and gave an interesting taste to the dog overall.

Turkey & date sausage topped with duck confit, herb garlic aioli, house pickled onion relish & pickled carrots

Pork sausage, mustard glazed pork belly, pickled fennel & macerated grapes

We ended our trip to Franks N’ Dawgs happy and satisfied. These hot dogs were definitely different from your average hot dogs from the bun to the toppings. It was definitely difficult to choose which hot dogs we wanted to try since they all sounded so good! When my wallet allows it (their hot dogs range from $5.75 to $17.95 each!!), I’d definitely like to come again and try the other hot dogs! Another hot dog joint on my agenda is the infamous “Hot Dougs” that also has these gourmet hot dogs. I simply can’t get enough of these HAUTE Dogs!

*Pictures taken from the Franks N’ Dawgs website, Check out their menu!*


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