Cocktails at LURE Izakaya Pub

Carmen here. First blog post about my food life. This one is not so much about food rather than cocktails. Conny and I grabbed drinks here with our friend Ying after getting pho. It was quite a sight to see a stylish, classy lounge/bar in Chinatown. A little out of place in the swarms of Chinese restaurants and grocery stores, but it looked so fabulous. We had to try it. And plus now that we’re of age why not take advantage of that. Just one drink! And it was Thursday – Thirsty Thursdays!

LURE Izakaya Pub

2017 South Wells St
1st Floor
Chicago, IL 60616

the inside of LURE

There is indoor and outdoor seating at LURE. I suggested we sit outside and watch the people pass by while sipping on our cocktails. It was a nice day, so why not enjoy the weather outside. Well there was something I forgot about the great outdoors, those pesky mosquitoes. While waiting for our drinks outside I got bit on my leg twice. I was not pleased… We decided to move back inside. Which was a good choice, because the decor and ambiance inside was exquisite. Huge circular ceiling lights dimly lit the room with a soothing atmosphere. A bright glow of more moody lighting coming from the floor. Carefully chosen music that served as the backdrop for delightful conversations. An overall environment that was like no other. Completely different from anything in Chinatown.

Our drinks. Conny in the background taking a pic!

Our drinks came in the prettiest colors – icy blue, straberry pink, and kiwi green. The drinks were strong, but as my friend Ying said “Well you don’t want to pay $9 for watered down drinks right?”. True that! They were strong, but very tasty. We sat there sipping our cocktails and having conversations about the future. The future in terms of life of a twenty something year old.

The delightful life of a fresh faced 21 year old funemployed college student

Stars – 4/5


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